Transit Services & Resources

The delivery of transit services in New Westminster is planned and funded by TransLink and operated by various companies.

For more information on the transit services and resources visit the links below.


Find transit routes and schedules, plan your trip or learn about rider fares.

Frequent Transit Network (FTN)

Corridors where transit service runs every 15 minutes in both directions throughout the day and into the night, every day of the week.


Find tips and tools to help you get the most out of using transit.

10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transportation

The 10-Year Vision was developed by the Mayors' Council in 2014 and identifies transit and transportation improvements that are priorities for keeping the region moving. The TransLink Board and Mayors' Council approved the Phase One Plan of the 10-Year Vision in 2016. Consultation for the Phase Two Plan is underway with anticipated roll out of the new projects in 2018.