New Westminster Transit Priorities Reference Document

New Westminster Transit Priorities (May 2018) [PDF]

In May 2018, a reference document was created summarizing transit priorities for New Westminster to ensure the city could provide feedback through TransLink's and Mayors' Council processes, identify opportunities for cost-sharing funding programs and partnerships with senior levels of government.

The projects highlighted in the document, were drawn from directions in the Master Transportation Plan and updated with feedback from the public through recent consultation processes including the Official Community Plan  and neighbourhood transportation planning programs. The selected projects represents the top priorities for transit-related initiatives that require partnerships, advocacy, or additional coordination to fully achieve.

NOTE: The document is intended for reference purposes to provide a high-level summary of top priority projects. It does not represent the full list of transit-related projects and issues that the City is working on, or depict all the known issues and opportunities for each identified project.

The Transit Priorities reference document will be a "living document", that will be updated periodically as projects are completed, opportunities arise, or as priorities shift.