Ginkgo Tree (Ginkgo biloba)

Height: 50-75’
Spread: 50-60’
Light requirement: Grows in part shade/part sun, grows in full sun
Soil tolerance: Clay, loam, sand, acidic, occasionally wet, alkaline, well-drained
Growth rate: Slow
Pest resistance: No pests are normally seen on this tree
Pruning requirement: Needs little pruning to develop strong structure
Drought tolerance: High

Ginkgo may grow extremely slow for several years after planting, but will then pick up and grow at a moderate rate, particularly if it receives an adequate supply of water and some fertilizer. But do not overwater or plant in a poorly-drained area. Be sure to keep turf several feet away from the trunk to help trees become established. Very tolerant of urban soils and pollution.

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