Stewardia Pseudocamellia

Height: 30-40'
Spread: 20-30'
Sun: Part shade/part sun, shade, full sun
Soil tolerance: Clay, loam, sand, acidic, occasionally wet, well-drained
Pruning requirement: Routinely grown with or trainable to be grown with multiple trunks, grow mostly upright and will not droop, wants to grow with several trunks but can be trained to grow with a single trunk
Drought tolerance: high

Japanese Stewartia is an excellent, small to medium-sized, deciduous garden tree that is an all-season performer. It exhibits a distinctive branching pattern in winter, camellia-like flowers in summer, and bright yellow and red foliage in autumn. The bark is spectacular, peeling off and exposing contrasting colors. It a slow-grower, reportedly best in acid soil (pH 4.5 to 6.5) with ample moisture and high organic matter content. 

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