December 3, 2020
Calendar of Events

Saturday, December 5
7:00 pm
Shine Bright New West
Various location in New Westminster

Monday, December 7
1:00 pm
Special Open Workshop
Council Chamber

6:00 pm
Special Public Hearing followed by Special Regular Meeting
Meeting held electronically under Ministerial Order No. M192

Council meetings can be live-streamed at

Saturday, December 12
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Recycling Drop-off
City Works Yard


MONDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2020 AT 6:00 PM
Meeting to be held electronically under Ministerial Order No. M192

Heritage Revitalization Agreement Bylaw No. 8239, 2020 (HER00744) and Heritage

Designation Bylaw No. 8240, 2020 for 631 Second Street (HER00745)


An application has been received to subdivide this corner property through a Heritage Revitalization Agreement. The property would be divided into two 279.40 square metres (3007.5 square feet) lots. The existing house facing Second Street would be moved closer to the street and a new house would be built at the rear to face Seventh Avenue. Both houses would be larger than otherwise permitted, with a density of 0.66 floor space ratio (FSR) for the existing house and 0.64 FSR for the new house. The existing house would include a secondary suite and the new house would be built “suite ready” for the future. Off-street parking spaces would be provided to meet the Zoning Bylaw minimum, accessed from a shared driveway. Four Zoning Bylaw relaxations are proposed: smaller lot size, increased density, parking in the front yard of the heritage house, and larger attached accessory area (to accommodate proposed bicycle storage). In exchange for these Zoning relaxations, the existing house would be restored and legally protected with a Heritage Designation Bylaw.


From November 23 to December 07, 2020, read the bylaw and related material at Legislative Services, City Hall and online at: