2018 Fees

Building Permit Fees

  • Minimum fee $139
  • $13.30 for each $1,000 of work or portion thereof up to $50,000
  • $10.70 for each $1,000 of value between $50,000.01 to $150,000
  • $8.63 for each $1,000 of work above $150,000

Building Permit Application Fee

  • Building permit application fee for all applications will be 50% of the building permit fee (minimum fee $139.00).
  • This application fee will be deducted from the permit fee to be paid at the time of permit issuance.

Demolition Permit Fees

  • Demolition permit fee for ancillary structures (e.g. garages, sheds, etc.) is $139.00
  • Demolition permit fee for other structures $1,215.00

Moving a Building or Structure

  • Every application to move a building shall be accompanied by the applicable building permit fees (including the plan processing fee) and a security deposit in a form acceptable to the City in the amount prescribed in the table below.

Security Deposits:

  • For buildings with one storey: $10,876.00
  • For buildings with two storeys: $16,321.20
  • For buildings with three or more storeys: $21,771.75

Re-Inspection Fee

  • In every case where, due to non-compliance with the provisions of the Building Bylaw or to unsatisfactory workmanship, more than two inspection is necessary, then the fee for each inspection after the second re-inspection shall be $139.00 (plus tax) for the third, $278.00 (plus tax) for the fourth, $418.00 (plus tax) for the fifth inspection and $557.00 (plus tax) for each subsequent inspection.

Extension of Building Permit

  • A one-time extension of the validity of a building permit is permissible under Subsection 10(7) of the bylaw for a fee of $139.00

Transfer of Building Permit

  • A building permit may be transferred to another holder in accordance with Subsection 10(8) of the bylaw subject to a fee of $139.00

Comfort Letters

  • Fee for the preparation of a comfort letter $415.00 (includes responses from the Planning, Fire, Licensing and Building Departments).
  • Fee where a response is requested from the Planning, Licensing, and Building Departments but not the Fire Department is $315.00. 
  • Fee where a response is requested from the Building Department only $139.00

Alternate Solution Review

  • For the first and second review of an equivalency proposal under this bylaw, a fee of $500.00 (plus tax) shall be payable with submission of the information and documentation. If revisions are submitted by the applicant, an additional fee of $222.00 (plus tax) is payable with reach subsequent submission.
  • Amendment to an original report after review is subject to a fee of $139.00 plus tax.

Microfilmed Drawings

  • Fee for the viewing of $27.80 (plus tax).
  • Copy charges per drawing page $5.50 (plus tax).
  • Where copying/printing is done off-site, the actual cost plus $139.00 shall be paid.

Special Inspections

Special Inspections are for inspection of work linked or not linked to an issued permit.

  • Special inspection during normal working hours:  A fee based on City costs per hour (min. 1 hour) shall be paid;
  • Special inspection outside normal working hours: Monday to Friday:
  • First 2 hours – a fee based on 1-1/2 times the City hourly rate
  • Each additional hour – a fee based on double the City hourly rate
  • Weekends – a fee based on double the City hourly rate (min. 4 hours) plus a ½ hour meal break

Revisions to Issued Building Permit Drawings

  • Fee calculated based on time spent by staff $139.00 per hour (minimum 1 hour).

Address Change Fee

  • A fee of $600.00 shall be paid where an address change based on personal preference is requested.