2020 Fees

The fees and rates listed below are for reference only. Please refer to the Development Services Fees and Rates Bylaw No. 7683, 2014 for current fees.

Building Permit Fees

  • Minimum fee $145.00
  • $13.90 for each $1,000 of work or portion thereof up to $50,000
  • $12.40 for each $1,000 of value between $50,000.01 to $150,000
  • $9.75 for each $1,000 of work above $150,000

Building Permit Application Fee

  • Building permit application fee for all applications will be 50% of the building permit fee (minimum fee $145.00).
  • This application fee will be deducted from the permit fee to be paid at the time of permit issuance.

Demolition Permit Fees

  • Demolition permit fee for ancillary structures (e.g. garages, sheds, etc.) is $145.00
  • Demolition permit fee for other structures $1,265.00

Re-Inspection Fee

  • In every case where, due to non-compliance with the provisions of the Building Bylaw or to unsatisfactory workmanship, more than two inspections are necessary, then the fee for each inspection after the second re-inspection shall be $145.00 (plus tax) for the third, $290.00 (plus tax) for the fourth, $435.00 (plus tax) for the fifth inspection and $580.00 (plus tax) for each subsequent inspection.

Extension of Building Permit

  • A one-time extension of the validity of a building permit is permissible under Subsection 10(7) of the bylaw for a fee of $145.00

Transfer of Building Permit

  • A building permit may be transferred to another holder in accordance with Subsection 10(8) of the bylaw subject to a fee of $145.00

Comfort Letters

  • Fee for the preparation of a comfort letter $321.00 (includes responses from the Planning, Fire, Licensing and Building Departments).
  • Fee where a response is requested from the Planning, Licensing, and Building Departments but not the Fire Department is $321.00. 
  • Fee where a response is requested from the Building Department only $145.00

Alternate Solution Review

  • For the first and second alternative solution  proposed, a fee of $520.00 (plus tax) shall be payable with submission of the information and documentation. An additional fee of $230.00 (plus tax) is payable with every additional alternative solution.
  • Amendment to an original report after review is subject to a fee of $145.00 plus tax.

Obtaining Archived Drawings

  • $50.00 administration fee plus $1.50 per page copy fee. All fees are subject to applicable taxes.

Occupancy Load Review (where there is not current building permit)

  • A fee of $145.00 shall be paid prior to the review.

Revisions to Issued Building Permit Drawings

  • Fee calculated based on time spent by staff $145.00 per hour (minimum 1 hour).