Car Sharing

Carsharing is becoming an increasingly popular  transportation choice. With goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing active living and sustainable transportation, the City of New Westminster is pleased to support carsharing and its positive impacts on the community.

What is carsharing?

Carsharing is designed for local users in support of community transportation and environmental goals. Its mission, vision, and values lead to decreasing personal car ownership, reducing vehicle distance travelled, improving urban land use and development, and providing affordable access to vehicles for all sections of the community. Carsharing motivates residents to walk, cycle, and take buses and trains more, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels while reducing the emission of greenhouse gases


Carsharing is a membership-based service available to all qualified drivers in a community. No separate written agreement is required each time a member reserves and uses a vehicle. All car sharing operators offer members access to a dispersed network of shared vehicles 24-hours, 7 days a week at unattended self-service locations.

Carsharing is primarily designed for shorter time and shorter distance trips, designed to enhance mobility options. Longer trips may be available to further discourage car ownership.

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  • Reduced vehicle distance traveled
  • Improved urban land use and development
  • Affordable access to vehicles
  • 50% - 75% reduction of vehicle costs
  • Increased motivation for an active lifestyle (walking or cycling in combination with carsharing)
  • Decreased dependence on fossil fuels
  • Reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases
  • The City promotes the development and expansion of carsharing in New Westminster, aiming for environmental improvement and societal benefit. The City intends to:

  • MODO

    MODO has cars in 16 locations around the city:

    • 22nd Street SkyTrain Station
    • Eleventh and Auckland
    • Westminster Pier Park (2 vehicles)
    • Laguna Court
    • Columbia Street SkyTrain Station
    • Ash Street and Fourth Avenue
    • New Westminster City Hall
    • Sapperton SkyTrain Station
    • Sapperton Triangle (Braid St & E. Eighth Ave)
    • New Westminster SkyTrain Station (2 vehicles)
    • Belmont Street and Seventh Avenue
    • Elliot Street south of Dickenson Street
    • West side of Tenth Street, south of Oxford Street
    • New West Power Station (Sinclair Ave & First Street)
    • Elizabeth Fry Society (Sherbrooke St & Kelly St)
    • Rexall Drugs (Seventh Ave & Sixth St)


    To view the locations on the MODO map, please click here.

    For more information on MODO car sharing, please visit their website at

    Modo perks


    Zipcars are available for reservation 24/7 to all members in our global network ages 21+ living in or traveling to the New Westminster area.

    • Two cars located at P1 parking lot at New Westminster SkyTrain station

    For more information on Zipcar carsharing, visit

    Zipcar benefits


    Dedicated EVO parking spaces:

    • 321 Sixth St - 2 spaces
    • 290 E. Columbia St - 1 space
    • 153 E. Columbia St - 1 space
    • 700 Royal Ave - 2 spaces
    • 511 Royal Ave - 2 spaces
    • 215 Columbia St - 2 spaces
    • 45 Eighth St - 1 space
    • Queens Park Arena - 2 spaces
    • 600 Block Belmont - 1 space
    • 250 Keary St - 3 spaces
    • Front St - 9 spaces
    • 804 Royal Ave (College) - 6 spaces
    • 800 Carnarvon (NW Station) - 4 spaces
    • 750 Quayside - 6 spaces
    • 250 Nelson's Court - 2 spaces
    • Braid Station - 4 spaces
    • 315 Clarkson (Columbia Stn) - 4 spaces