Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. As cleaner emission vehicles gain momentum across the lower mainland, the City of New Westminster is putting itself on the map alongside leading municipalities by incorporating electric vehicles into the City's automotive fleet and installing electric vehicle charging stations in the community.

Charging Stations

For a list of EV charging stations, visit www.plugshare.com

Charging stations within New Westminster are located at:

  • City Hall
  • Queens Park
  • Eighth Ave/Colborne St
  • Carnarvon St/Sixth St
  • Tenth St/Agnes St & Victoria St
  • Third Ave/Sixth St
  • Front St Parkade

For apartment, condo, and townhome dwellers, strata councils, and property managers looking to install EV charging stations, visit EVCondo.ca

Energy Conservation and Climate Change

The City of New Westminster has set a number of goals to move the city towards energy efficiency and emission reductions including:

  • The City plans to incorporate elective vehicle charging stations to inspire residents and local businesses to switch to cleaner emission vehicles.
  • Aligning with CEEP and OCP, the City is committed to reducing community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2030.
  • In the Envision 2032 report, the City commits to reducing energy use.

Learn more about the City’s commitment to energy conservation and climate change.