Transportation Planning

The City of New Westminster provides an accessible, safe and easy-to-navigate transportation system. Collaborating with residents, government officials, transport experts and surrounding municipalities, the City’s transportation network is responsive to the diverse needs of its dynamic and growing community. Strategic and collaborative transportation planning contributes to the prosperity, sustainability and resilience of the thriving City of New Westminster.

Transportation Partners

The City of New Westminster collaborates with the following partners:

The Ministry of Transportation
Infrastructure and transportation plans, safety, regulations and other helpful information

Transit schedules, route-planning, updates and alerts

Autoplans, insurance, license information

Miovision Intelligent Transportation Systems Pilot Project

Transportation Governance

The Provincial Motor Vehicle Act
For province-wide transportation consistency Municipalities must adhere to the definitions and regulations set out in the Provincial Motor Vehicle Act.

The City of New Westminster Street & Traffic Bylaw
The City Street & Traffic Bylaw sets formal guidelines for consistent and organized street and traffic activity.


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