Doing Business with the City


How Do I Sell to the City of New Westminster?

The goal of the Purchasing Division of the Corporation of the City of New Westminster is to procure goods and services for the City which represent the "best value" for the city and its taxpayers. Best value includes many characteristics including but not limited to: availability, suitability, serviceability, transportation, required training, warranty, design, overall life cycle cost implications, and other significant applicable characteristics. With each individual purchase these characteristics can change.

The types of goods and services we procure are too numerous to list in full, but some examples are: vehicles, heavy duty equipment, parts, pipe, road construction, water and sewer services, computer equipment, office products and machines, consulting services, building and grounds maintenance services, firefighting apparatus and equipment, first aid supplies, and printing services.


Competition Thresholds

The City of New Westminster conducts its procurement needs under the guidelines set out in the new Procurement Policy amended by City Council on November 18, 2013.

The following thresholds are identified in the Procurement Policy to set competition levels for each acquisition of a good or service.

Under $15,000 – One quote

$15,000 to $75,000 – Minimum three quotes

Above $75,000 – Public competition with opportunity advertised on BC Bid and the City’s website


BC Bid

The City of New Westminster posts notices of competitive bid opportunities on the BC Bid website. Please note that the City only issues notices on BC Bid; all bid documents and addenda are hosted on the City’s website only.

  • Contractor or Service Company Doing Business on City Property

    The Living Wage policy applies to all work done on City property lasting longer than one continuous hour. Further information can be found here.

    Your business must have a valid City of New Westminster or Inter-Municipal Business License and Federal, Provincial and City Permit(s) when and where applicable.

    You may be required to give proof of the following:

    • An active Workers' Compensation number or a Clearance Letter from the Workers' Compensation Board.
    • Minimum $2 million General liability insurance with the Corporation of the City of New Westminster named as additional insured (details available).
    • Employee criminal checks where necessary.

    In many cases we will ask that your employees wear suitable identification and be aware of the City of New Westminster Health and Safety standards.