Demolition Permits

The demolition of all buildings or detached structures (e.g. a garage or carport) over 10 square meters (108 Square feet) will require a Demolition Permit. A permit must be obtained from the Building Division prior to commencing any demolition or abatement work.

Demolition Permit Guidelines and Application Form



When a new structure requires an existing building to be removed, the Demolition Permit must be applied for either prior to or at the same time as the Building Permit for construction. Building Permit Applications without a Demolition Permit Application will be rejected.


Structures that have heritage protection or are older than 50 years will require a review by the Planning Division prior to a Demolition permit being accepted. The Heritage Review must be completed prior to submitting a Demolition Application.

Click here to learn more about the review process, or how to identify if your property requires a review.

Click here to access the heritage review form.

What is Required?

Proof of Ownership

  • A current title search from Land Title Office (must be obtained no more than 30 days PRIOR to application)
  • Consent to Demolition form, signed by ALL owners on title.
  • A Letter of Authorization signed by ALL owners on title where an applicant is acting on behalf of the owner(s).

Required Documents

  • A Topographical Survey from a B.C. Land Surveyor
  • Pictures of all four sides of the building to be demolished and pictures of buildings adjacent to the building to be demolished.  Please note: if the age of the building is 50 years or more, a heritage review will be completed prior to approval of a demolition permit. Contact the Planning Division for further information.
  • Rodent Abatement and Control Declaration Report (from licensed pest control company)
  • A completed “Waste Disposal and Recycling Services Plan – Form 1” (see below for more information)
  • A “Hazardous Materials Survey - Form 2” completed by a qualified professional. (see below for more information)


Please refer to the Climate Action Planning & Development Fees and Rates Bylaw No. 7683, 2014 for current fees.

Tree Permit

A Tree Permit Application is required with every Demolition Permit Application. A valid Tree Permit must be issued prior to issuance of the Demolition Permit.

Disconnection of Services

Water Connection & Sewer Connection

Water and Sewer Service disconnections are mandatory. The Building Division will notify Engineering Operations (water & sewer) and the Electrical Utility to arrange disconnection of services prior to permit issuance. The building must be vacant at the time of disconnection. A service fee will be charged if the crews arrive and find the building still occupied.

Please note:

  • If the existing water meter is to be used for a new building, it must be the right size for the intended use.
  • A Water/Sewer Turn-On Order should only be requested when you are ready to use the water service.
  • You must pay for a Water/Sewer Cap Off or Replacement Order and pay a Damage Deposit prior to obtaining a permit. Retain receipts for proof of payment.
  • The appropriate work orders are sent to the Engineering Operations Department which is responsible for the replacement, cap-off and turn-on of your Water/Sewer connection.
  • When demolishing a single-family residence and rebuilding the same, it is the owner's responsibility to ensure the Water/Sewer connection does not conflict with the driveway. An application to move the Water/Sewer connection, at the owner's cost, can be made at the Engineering Department. Please note whether the connection conflicted with the driveway in the past, or what material the new driveway is being constructed of.


It is the owner’s responsibility to arrange for the disconnection of any other services (gas, telephone, cable). To disconnect and remove the gas meter and telecom services, please contact your service providers.


A final inspection is required once your work is complete. Deposits will not be refunded until this is completed.

Untidy & Unsightly Premises

After the building has been demolished or removed, the site must be cleaned-up and all discarded materials and rubbish of any kind removed, as specified in the Unsightly Premises Bylaw. Click here for more information about Bylaw Enforcement.


Metro Vancouver has set a target to reduce construction and demolition waste going to landfill by 2015. In order to help meet this target, the City of New Westminster will require demolition permit applicants to demonstrate adequate recycling practices. For all demolition permits, you are required to submit the following:

  • Waste Disposal and Recycling Plan
  • Hazardous Materials Report
  • Recycling Compliance Report

A refundable Recycling Incentive Deposit will be collected. The Owner / Contractor must submit copies of weigh bill & receipts prior to deposit refund.