Economic Development Plan

The City's new Economic Development Plan, titled Future Forward, establishes an overarching strategy for guiding the activity of the City’s Economic Development Office that is synchronous with other City plans and initiatives, responsive to the current context and outlines a clear framework for guiding new opportunities in Metro Vancouver’s evolving economy. The plan is the result of input from a large number of New Westminster businesses and stakeholders. 

Future Forward: An Economic Development Plan for New Westminster, 2018-2023

  • Business Community Workshops

    As part of the plan's development, several business community workshops were held where business owners and managers in New West shared their insights regarding the benefits and challenges of operating within the city.  Input was sought to help envision and define the future of New Westminster’s business environment, and gather ideas on how the city can continue to grow and thrive.

    The goals of the workshops were to:

    • Share research results;
    • Confirm the Economic Development Office mission and goals;
    • Identify opportunity and challenge gaps;
    • Understand what a “business-friendly” city is; and,
    • Identify and prioritize actions the City should undertake to be more business-friendly.

    The workshops were held across the city at Queensborough Community Centre, Sapperton Pensioner's Hall, Anvil Centre and New Westminster City Hall.

    Business Survey

    In September/early October 2016, through Mustel Group (an independent opinion research firm), we reached out to businesses across New Westminster via a confidential phone and online survey.

    The survey was designed to create a better understanding of:

    • What types of businesses operate in New Westminster;
    • What the benefits and challenges are of operating in New Westminster;
    • What characteristics of the city are most valuable to New Westminster businesses;
    • Level of satisfaction with various aspects of doing business in the city;
    • Location factors important to business success; and
    • How the City might improve its services to businesses.

    View the final report here: Business Survey Results 2016


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