Street Speed Humps

New Westminster residents can initiate a request for speed humps on local streets. Completing the request enables staff to determine if speed humps are the most appropriate measure for any concerns raised. Please note the request process for speed humps is for local streets only (refer to the road classification map), and are not intended for streets that are:

Speed hump requests are administered in accordance with the Speed Hump Policy endorsed by Council on July 8, 2019.

Links to the online and printable request forms are provided below. Please note, submitting a request form and paying the fee does not guarantee installation of a speed hump.

Streets that are not classified as local streets may be considered for speed humps or other appropriate speed management measures. Please contact staff at for their consideration. 


    Step 1: Applicant submits completed Speed Hump Request form. City Engineering staff will screen the location for eligibility and advise applicant on whether the request may proceed.

    Step 2: If speed humps are considered by City staff as an appropriate speed management device, the applicant will be required to pay a $108.00 processing fee per street block to the City identified in the request. (Fee and rate are established through the Engineering Fees & Rates Bylaw 7553, 2013).

    Step 3: After the fee is collected, staff will continue the review including collecting traffic data to validate and quantify speeding concerns.

    Step 4: If the technical review confirms a speeding issue exists and speed hump(s) are an appropriate intervention, the applicant will be required to survey their neighbours, complete the Speed Hump Survey, and return it to the City.

    Step 5: If requested speed hump(s) are supported by 50% of all residents/businesses on the street block, and upon final approval by Engineering staff, speed hump(s) will be installed by the City at the next appropriate installation cycle.

    Note: These improvements are subject to capital funding availability and coordination with other projects that may be occurring in the neighbourhood. Where approved requests exceed available funding, staff will prioritize implementation based on factors such as magnitude of the issue, location (e.g. near schools, seniors’ centres, etc.) and construction coordination opportunities.



    Online Speed Hump Request Form [Link to On-line Form]

    Speed Hump Request Printable Application  [PDF]

    Speed Hump Survey [PDF]

    Speed Hump Survey Additional Form [PDF]

    For any questions, please contact the City of New Westminster Engineering Department.

    Address: 511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, B.C., V3L 1H9

    Phone: 604-527-4592