Transportation Plans and Studies

Neighbourhood Transportation and Traffic Calming Plans

Neighbourhood transportation plans and traffic calming plans provide implementation measures and improvements to address specific issues within a particular neighbourhood or area.

Recently Completed Neighbourhood Transportation Plans

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The Active Transportation Network Plan (ATNP) updates the active transportation network plans identified in the City’s Master Transportation Plan, Downtown Transportation Plan, and Uptown Streetscape Vision. The ATNP identifies a Core Network connecting major destinations, including commercial areas, civic facilities, schools, parks, and interregional routes.

The ATNP was completed in 2022 with the generous financial support of Infrastructure Canada through the Active Transportation Fund.

To view the ATNP, click on the link below.

To view the ATNP Core Network map, click on the link below.

Improvements and measures identified in each plan are implemented through a variety of methods including:

  • Local Area Service improvements
  • City capital and operating budgets for maintenance/replacement
  • City-led projects using grants and other funding opportunities
  • Future development

Implementation timelines are dependent on many factors including:

  • Capital plan budget allocation
  • Size and scope of developments in a neighbourhood, and
  • Prioritization with other neighbourhood improvements identified throughout the City


Several parking studies and strategies have been completed to guide long term planning and management of parking within the City. These studies work in tandem with relevant neighbourhood transportation plans identified above.