Legislative Services

What is the role of the City Clerk or Corporate Officer? Are those titles used interchangeably?

The title of "City Clerk" is the historic title given to the person who carries out statutory corporate administration responsibilities as legislated under municipal statutes.  In BC, the Community Charter updated the title of this role to "Corporate Officer" to provide consistency with the titles of the other statutory officers under the Charter (i.e. the Financial Officer and the Chief Administrative Officer, historically known as the City Manager or Administrator).  The City of New Westminster is in the process of transitioning from the old title of City Clerk to the new title of Corporate Officer. 

In addition to the mandatory tasks set out in the Charter, the Corporate Officer oversees the Legislative Services staff responsible for carrying out the Department’s responsibilities. The Legislative Services team provides the primary communications link between City Council, staff, and the community.

What services does the Corporate Officer and the Legislative Services Department provide?

Legislative Services provides services to City Council, City departments and the public. The department is also responsible for ensuring City government and decision-making processes maintain transparency, accountability, integrity and accessibility.

The Corporate Officer and Legislative Services Department carry out a wide variety of statutory responsibilities including:
  • Preparing, maintaining, and preserving records of City business, including Council minutes, Bylaws, Procedures, and Agreements;
  • Providing advice and managing the governance process relative to Council and Committee business and the City recruitment of volunteers;
  • Administering Oaths, and taking and receiving affidavits and affirmations required to be taken under oath for the City;
  • Being the communications link between Council and other City Departments, as well as to the general public;
  • Managing and overseeing general local elections for the City;
  • Maintaining City bylaws and providing certified copies of bylaws and other documents;
  • Accepting legal notices or documents on behalf of Council and the City;
  • Acting as the keeper of the corporate seal, affixing the seal to documents as required, and being the signing authority for City documents;
  • Receiving notification of claims and law suits against the City.

How do I contact the Legislative Services and the Corporate Officer?

Phone: 604-527-4523
Fax: 604-527-4594

Hard Copy Mail:

Attn: Dennis Back, Interim Corporate Officer
Legislative Services
511 Royal Avenue
New Westminster BC  V3L 1H9