Public Solicitations

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Public Solicitation Guidelines

1.    Public solicitations applications will only be considered from organizations having a charitable or religious objective and, for other than national or provincial organizations, having a base in the City of New Westminster.
2.    Council will support the United Way and not issue a permit during the annual campaign to any organization whose campaign conflicts with the United Way unless the United Way has advised that such a solicitation does not affect its endeavours.
3.    An application to the City Council for solicitation of money in a public place shall be made not less than two months before the date proposed for commencement of the solicitation applied for.
4.    An application for a public solicitation permit will not be accepted for consideration unless the organization requesting such a permit has filed a financial statement for the previous year and a brief statement by the City Clerk to Council indicates that a permit was approved the previous year on the same terms and conditions, that a financial statement for the previous year has been filed and that no complaints have been received by Council.
5.    The number of days for which a permit will be issued depends upon the pattern followed by the applying organization nationally, provincially or regionally.  For strictly local organizations, the number of days granted will not be more than four.
6.    Tag days using public streets will be kept to a minimum and new applications for such tag days will be carefully reviewed and granted only where they form part of a national or provincial campaign.
Public Solicitation Policy Amendment 1994 March 14
THAT the Public Solicitations Policy be amended to allow approval by the Director of Legislative and Information Services of the following solicitation permits on an annual basis provided the organizations submit a completed Financial Statement from the previous year:

  • Poppy Tagging Days - Royal Canadian Legion
  • Cookie Sales – Girl Guides of Canada
  • Christmas Kettles and Red Shield Drive – Salvation Army
  • Apple Days – Scouts Canada
  • Boot Drive - New Westminster Fire Department Charitable Society
  • Chocolate Sales - New Westminster Secondary School, Music Auxiliary
  • Annual Door to Door Canvassing - Canadian Cancer Society

Council Policy: 1989 July 10
Amended: 1994 March 14