Environment Strategy and Action Plan


The City is in the process of developing an Environmental Strategy and Action Plan (ESAP), which will set a clear direction for the City to move forward in the areas of environmental protection, enhancement, stewardship and resilience.  The ESAP will integrate and build on past work, including Envision 2032 - the City's Integrated Community Sustainability Plan. While Envision 2032 is the overarching framework that informs and guides City activities towards a desired sustainable future, the ESAP will be the tool to help translate the environmental intentions of Envision 2032 into action.

Over the course of developing the ESAP, the City will systematically explore a full range of local and global environmental issues, outline shared responsibilities, and identify a suite of appropriate responses.  Ultimately, the ESAP will become the City’s master environmental plan.

Working with the City’s Environmental Advisory Committee, the City has already drafted a vision for the ESAP, as well as a set of draft goals under four topic areas: 

1) Buildings, Sites & Urban Design, 2) Natural Areas & Habitat, 3) Energy, Emissions & Climate Change and 4) Resources, Waste and Infrastructure.

While the City has an important role to play in promoting sustainability in its own operations and areas of influence, support will be required from other key community partners in developing a successful ESAP.