About Parks & Recreation

  • Vision - To be a caring, responsive department that is easy and friendly to deal with and provides creative, innovative services and programs through a well-maintained network of community facilities, parks and open spaces.

    Mission - To create and facilitate parks and recreation opportunities that enhance quality of life in New Westminster.

    Goal - To offer programs and services that are truly worthwhile and will make life better for others. Our efforts will make a significant improvement for the community and enable our department and employees to grow and progress.

    Operating Philosophy

    • we will be vision driven – creating opportunities in the present to make the New Westminster vision become reality
    • we are committed to sustainability – all decisions and initiatives will be guided by and tested against balanced economic, social/cultural and environmental perspectives
    • we will be innovative and progressive – constantly searching for and adopting better ways of doing business, a leader in the provision of local government services
    • we will be fiscally responsible and accountable, effective stewards and prudent managers of the public assets that have been entrusted to our care
    • we will demonstrate exemplary customer service
    • we will be ethical, trustworthy and fair
    • our decision making processes will be open and transparent
    • we value teamwork – within and across departments
    • we are committed to community development approaches that mobilize resident capabilities and build a sense of ownership
    • we will be an exceptional and trusted partner – collaborating with residents, community organizations, the business community, and related jurisdictions
    • we will be equitable and decisive in our commitment to identifying and acting on community best interests
    • we will support and develop staff capabilities as together we strive for high quality, professional best practices
    • we will be the local government employer of choice – nurturing a high performance work environment that attracts and retains a top team.
  • Code of Conduct

    Our expectations for staff, volunteers, customers and visitors

    All customers, visitors and volunteers are expected to treat each other with respect, dignity and fairness. As such, the following is prohibited:

    • Behaviour, actions or language that promotes discrimination, racism, hatred or is demeaning

    • Aggressive acts, threats, violence or profanity

    • Illegal behaviour or destruction of property

    • Use or possession of alcohol, cannabis, drugs or other intoxicating substances

    • Use or possession of weapons

    • Any actions or interactions with children or youth deemed harmful, abusive, coercive, manipulative or illicit in nature

      Help us make this a safe place for everyone!

      Please report any unusual behaviour to a staff member.


  • Access to community parks, community facilities and recreational facilities is important for fostering healthy lifestyles, encouraging social interaction, and enhancing the livability of the city.

    The City of New Westminster’s park system includes a wide array of park spaces, natural areas, and opportunities for active and passive recreation. The City strives to provide a diverse range of programming to meet the needs of all community members.

    The Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan (2008) provides the policy framework and capital investment strategy to support the City’s ongoing delivery of services, to meet current needs, and to plan for future needs of our growing community.

    Plans & Strategies

    The following plans, policies, and strategies support the Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan.

    Planning for Parks and Recreation services and facilities is an ongoing process. The community is invited to participate in these processes through engagement opportunities found at BeHeard New West.

  • Parks and Recreation operations are guided and defined by Council approved policies, bylaws and directives as well as all other applicable laws, regulations and authority bodies.


    Questions on policy, operations and Parks and Recreation Department direction can be submitted to or our online Contact Us form. 

    • View all Recreation Policy FAQs


      1. Why did Parks and Recreation change its refund policy?

      The City of New Westminster has revised some aspects of its refund policy to better serve the community/public. This policy has been implemented to maintain a fair and equitable registration process for our customers. A sample of Parks and Recreation customers were surveyed on the proposed refund policy changes, and feedback indicated strong support for implementing these changes.

      2. Why are refunds not issued after the second registered program class?

      As a customer, you have until the end of the day of their second class to determine if the program or activity is a match for your ability level and interests. This provides enough time for you to make the assessment if the program is suitable to your needs. This policy change will also assist the Parks and Recreation Department in maintaining reasonable fees by recovering direct program costs through program registrations. Prorated refunds are granted until the end of the day of the second class and are subject to a $10.00 withdrawal fee.

      3. If I withdraw from a program will there be a withdrawal fee charged?

      If you withdraw more than 7 days before a registered program begins you are NOT subjected to the $10.00 withdrawal fee.

      Effective November 21, 2019 all eligible withdrawals from registered programs subject to a $10.00 withdrawal fee that will be deducted from the refunded amount.

      No refunds are issues for:

      • registered programs offered by or with third park service providers if the Department has incurred third party provider costs and the refund request has less than seven days' notice.
      • Day Camp with less than five days' notice
      • Private Lessons with less than seven days' notice
      • curriculum based school programs with less than seven days' notice.

      4. Can I withdraw or process a refund online?

      All refund requests must be in-person or by phone.

      5. I have injured myself or have an illness, can I still receive a refund after the second class is complete?

      In extraordinary circumstances, your request may be considered. In certain cases, a doctor’s note may be required.

      6. I received a gift card and I don’t think I will use it. Can a refund be issued?

      Gift cards are non-refundable, but you can give it to family members or friends.

      7. I paid by cash for a purchase, can I get a cash refund?

      Cash refunds below $20.00 may be issued at the place of purchase if the original purchase was a same-day transaction. A receipt, or client account transaction record, is required for merchandise refunds. Cash refunds exceeding $20.00 will be issued by a cheque that will be mailed to you within 4 weeks of the request.

      8. What happens if the program I registered for is cancelled?

      You will be issued a refund the same way you paid. If paid by cash or debit, the credit will be on your account or refunded by cheque. It may be prorated (as applicable).  

      9. The program that I registered for was not suitable because of a safety concern. Can I receive a refund?

      Transfers or refunds are granted if the program is not suitable for you (i.e. ability, safety, maturity concerns, etc.) and prorated as applicable.
    • 1. Will I be charged a fee if I cancel a rental booking? 

      Depending on the rental and cancellation notice given, the fee may be refundable, partly refundable or non-refundable. There may also be refund restrictions and cancellations fees with some rental bookings.

      2. I rented some equipment from Parks and Recreation but didn’t use it. Can I get a refund?

      Equipment rentals are not eligible for refunds.

      3. I booked a picnic shelter but the weather looks rainy, can I get a refund?

      Picnic shelter fees are non-refundable unless the space is rebooked.

      4. I booked a space (e.g., aquatic, gymnasium, or sports field) and I need to cancel it with less than 7 days’ notice. Do I get a refund?

      If less than 7 days cancellation notice is provided, refunds are not provided.
    • 1. How do I know if my pass expires?

      You can ask any front counter staff to check your account or you can log-in to your account and check your pass status.

      2. I have purchased an Active 10 Pass, how long do I have to use it before it expires?

      The Active 10 Pass expires three years, less a day, from the date of sale.

      3. I received a courtesy pass for a free admission visit. How long do I have before it expires?

      Courtesy passes now have expiry dates up to one-year from the date of issue.

      4. Do gift cards expire?

      Parks and Recreation gift cards will never expire. However, please note that gift cards are non-refundable but can be transferred to family members or friends.

    • 1. I have a credit balance greater than $50 on my account, is it available to be used for any department purchase anytime?

      Many account credits have been moved from our old software application to our new application. If your credits was moved, it is available for your use. If is was not moved, your credit is available for a refund.

      2. I have a credit balance less than $50 on my account, is it available to use for any department purchase anytime?

      Account credits will be available for any department purchase for up three years. If your credit is over three years old and under $50, it is subject to our Recognition Policy and will not be available to you.

    • 1. Where can I find information about the new Parks and Recreation subsidy program details?

      Please visit the Parks and Recreation financial assistance webpage for program details, eligibility, and subsidy options. The Parks and Recreation Department partners with Fraserside Community Services to provide screening support to customers that require financial assistance.

      2. I am not familiar with your programs and I want more information, where can I get it?

      You can visit any recreation facility, or our website, to learn more about our programs and services. If you have additional questions you can always call the recreation facility that the program is located at.