Glass Recycling

For information on multi-family glass collection, please visit the Multi-Family Collection page.

The City of New Westminster is now collecting glass packaging as part of our curbside collection program.

Your grey box accepts non-refundable glass packaging, such as jam, sauce, or pickle jars with the lids removed. 

How the Program Works

The curbside glass collection schedule is different from the existing solid waste collection schedule, as glass requires manual collection and must be collected separately. Each collection zone (A, B, C, D) will be divided into four sub-collection zones and will receive glass collection once every four weeks on their respective collection day.

Collection Schedule

2024 Collection Schedule

Glass Collection Zone Map


  • Accepted

    Non-refundable glass bottles and jars, such as jam, sauce, or pickle jars

    Containers must be emptied and rinsed with lids separated in general recycling.


    Refundable glass bottles, such as wine and beer bottles


    Not Accepted

    Broken glass, drinking glasses, windows, mirrors, ceramics, and light bulbs

  • Engineering Operations
    T 604-526-4691