Yard and Food Scraps Collection

Yard and food scraps will be collected weekly, year round. Please refer to the collection schedule for more details. 


DO NOT USE PLASTIC OR PLASTIC-LIKE BIODEGRADABLE BAGS. The City must comply with the requirements of our processor. Kraft paper yard bags and newspaper may be used to contain food waste in your yard and food scraps cart.

TIP: Kitchen catchers or a plastic container with a lid are handy to temporarily store your food scraps in before emptying into the yard and food scraps cart. Lining with newspaper or brown paper bags helps make cleaning up easier.

How to Line Your Kitchen Catcher with Newsprint (using your community newspaper)

Depending on weather conditions, your carts' contents can either freeze in winter or clump together in summer, preventing them from being fully emptied. You may wish to line the bottom of your cart with newspaper and layer yard trimmings with food scraps or newspaper whenever possible.

Visit Metro Vancouver's website and learn more about food scraps disposal.

  • * Recycle at an alternate recycling depot.
    ** Call animal services.

  • NEW IN 2024

    Starting in 2024, the City is piloting a specialized program for the pick up of large volumes of yard trimmings bags. As a result, residents will need to limit their additional Kraft paper yard bags to two per week.

    Please fill up your yard and food scraps cart first, and then place up to two additional yard trimmings bags, ensuring each weighs less than 50lbs, so the driver is able to lift them to reload your cart.

    Place bags 1 metre away from your yard and food scraps cart, as shown below:





    More information on the new pilot program is coming soon. Please stay tuned for further updates.

    For larger volumes of yard trimmings, residents may drop off directly to the United Boulevard Recycling and Waste Centre located at 995 United Boulevard. Note: For free drop off, proof of residency is required.

  • Engineering Operations
    T 604-526-4691