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The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the ability of the City to coordinate civic-produced events and not-for-profit organizations’ ability to deliver community-produced events. Many events have been cancelled, though some have been or will be modified to comply with COIVD-19 guidelines such as:

Please contact if you have any questions or would like to discuss ways that your event could be re-imagined to meet COVID-19 guidelines.

Gathering Guidelines

If you are thinking of hosting a special event or gathering in New Westminster, there may be rules in place as our community works to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

A gathering could include: a festival, performance, wedding, episodic market, meeting, spiritual service, or other.

In defining City guidelines for gatherings, the following priorities have been considered;

  1. Prioritize highest the health and safety of the public and employees under COVID-19
  2. Maintain the City’s ability to be responsive to Provincial health orders
  3. Ensure economic viability and financial impact for both the City and the organization
  4. Find visionary and innovative ways to create opportunities for the community
  5. Prioritize based on meeting the needs of more than one user group


Please reference the following links for more information on COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.



  • When planning an event or gathering, all new and evolving COVID-19 regulations and guidelines need to be carefully considered.  If you are interested in hosting an outdoor event or gathering on City property, please complete the online request form below or contact to discuss your circumstances a minimum of thirty days prior to the set up date of the event.

    Outdoor Event Space Request Form

    Please note that it is the responsibility of the organizer to research all COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.  As part of the approval process, you will also be asked to produce and provide a COVID-19 Safety Plan a minimum of two weeks in advance of your initiative.  The safety plan template below will assist you in your planning.

    Covid-19 Event Safety Plan Template


  • Anvil Centre

    Conference Services Event Inquiries:   
    Heidi Hughes, Director of Sales

    Community Event Booking Inquiries: 
    Museum & Heritage:
    JoAnn Tosh, Cultural Facility Clerk

    Arts Services:
    Hannah Bennett, Arts Programmer

    Theatre Services Booking Inquiries:  
    Minna Nikula, Theatre Booking Coordinator

    Parks & Recreation

    Rose Garden and Picnic Shelters:
    To book the Rose Garden or any of the City’s four picnic shelters for gatherings of less than 50 people, please contact 604-777-5111 or email .

    We are currently accepting bookings for the following picnic shelters:  Queen’s Park, Hume Park, Ryall Park Port Royal Park and Old School House Park.

    Parks and Recreation Facilities:
    All community and recreational facilities are closed to the public until Fall 2020. As facilities are re-opened, please check this page for a summary. 

  • Anyone that is hosting an event on private property should comply with the current requirements from the Province and Local Health Authority.

    Any for-profit venture requires a business licence whether on private or public property. You can reach Business Licensing at: or 604-527-4565.

    For a private event on private property, compliance with all municipal, provincial, and federal regulations and statutes is expected.

    For any outdoor noise (such as a concert) it cannot negatively impact the peace, quiet, enjoyment, convenience of anyone in the vicinity. Enforcement action would be against the property owner or host as they are responsible for the property.

    The City recommends that hosts:

    • Comply fully with the recommendations from Fraser Health and the Province regarding social gatherings in terms of physical distancing and other recommended safety measures, including the use of non-medical masks, etc.
    • Align the scale and scope of activity with the guidelines outlined in the BC Restart Plan phasing
    • Obtain proper licenses required for the event such as liquor permits or street use permits
    • Comply with municipal, provincial, and federal regulations and statutes
    • Check with your insurance provider for any specific requirements and/or exclusions related to the proposed activity
    • Clearly assess and map out the unencumbered space available against current physical distancing requirements and gathering restrictions. Depending on the size of the yard, the maximum attendees that could safely attend may be significantly reduced.  Note that unencumbered space does not include spaces where guests cannot travel (for example, flower beds)
    • Remember that physical distancing applies both to the guests and performers.
    • Have a traffic flow plan (for entry and egress) to maintain physical distancing as guests arrive and leave.
    • Clearly state that no one should attend your event if they are experiencing respiratory symptoms (i.e.: fever, cough, breathing difficulties), or if they have travelled to high-risk areas of Coronavirus (COVID-19) – they should remain at home and speak to a health care professional
    • Provide hand sanitizing options for guests and encourage them to bring their own if they have them
    • No buffet style food or beverage service. If food is served, compliance with Fraser Health must be met.
    • Avoid amplification of music if possible. If the music could impact neighbours in any way, send a notification in advance to any affected neighbours advising of the date and time.
    • Exterior music must stop at 10pm