Cycling is a growing mobility option in New Westminster for both commuting and recreational purposes. It is an attractive and viable transportation choice as it encourages healthier lifestyles, reduces air and noise pollution, and offers cost-effective infrastructure investment. Cycling is also fun!

The City of New Westminster is developing a safe and comprehensive bicycle network with infrastructure and programs to encourage more people to take short, local trips by bicycle while helping cycling become more time-competitive with other modes for short-to-moderate distances.

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Cycling Maps

Cycling in New West map

Metro Vancouver cycling maps

Draft 2017 Cycling in New West map

recreational cycling

Find your favourite New Westminster cycling trails here.

Get involved   

HUB Cycling is a charitable non-profit organization working to improve cycling conditions in the Metro Vancouver. The member-based advocacy group strives to remove barriers to cycling and improve the quality of communities, health, environment and local economies.

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actbiped committee

The ActBiPed Committee represents the interests of cyclists in New Westminster by reviewing, advising and making recommendations on City policies, issues, facilities and programs. The committee aims to help integrate walking, cycling, and transit use into the transportation system in order to support a socially equitable, economically viable, and environmentally friendly city.

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