The Water Branch is responsible for the maintenance, repair and upgrading of the water distribution system including:

  • water mains and flushing program
  • services to the property line
  • shut off valves
  • city owned pressure reducing valves
  • water meters
  • fire hydrants
  • back flow valves

For more information or comments, please call Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691
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  • The Potable Water Emergency Response Plan was updated in December of 2016. For a copy of the plan, please click HERE.
  • The source for the City of New Westminster’s drinking water starts on the North Shore where fresh water from snowmelt and rain forms creeks and streams that is collected in the Seymour, and Coquitlam reservoirs. Metro Vancouver treats the water and distributes it to each municipality through a regional network of pipes. The City of New Westminster connects into the distribution system and provides water to each of our local business, industries and residents through a network of pipes and service connections that is maintained by Engineering Operations.

    The Engineering Department monitors the system to ensure there is adequate pressure to provide enough water not only for daily activities like cooking and cleaning, but also for fire fighting. The water quality is also tested at several locations throughout the city on a weekly basis to ensure that the water being consumed is safe and meets the provincial and federal requirements.

  • Access to clean water is critical to public health and general well being. In Canada, all levels of government play a role in ensuring our drinking water is safe. The Federal and Provincial governments provide water regulations and guidelines that the City conforms to including the Drinking Water Protection Act, Drinking Water Regulations and the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.

    Each year the City completes an Annual Water Quality Report (see below), which is submitted to the Fraser Health Authority for approval. The report summarizes the water sampling program and quality testing results as well as providing documentation of the City's system and operator permits.

    2022 Annual Water Quality Report

    2021 Annual Water Quality Report

    2020 Annual Water Quality Report

    2019 Annual Water Quality Report

    2018 Annual Water Quality Report

    2017 Annual Water Quality Report

    2016 Annual Water Quality Report

    2015 Annual Water Quality Report

    2014 Annual Water Quality Report

    2013 Annual Water Quality Report

    2012 Annual Water Quality Report

  • The Engineering Department is continuously evaluating the water distribution system. With new developments increasing the demand for water as well as the increasing age of the system reducing the distribution capacity it is critical to plan into the future in order to maintain the high standard of service we enjoy today.

    To assist with the future planning, the city developed a computerized water model to calculate the water capacity in the distribution system for both the existing land use as well as future zoning. The model was used to create the Master Water Servicing Study which identifies existing and future upgrades based on the City’s existing and future water demands.

    The city also monitors the current condition of the distribution system by tracking the number of repairs each year.  This is a good indication of when a pipe is reaching the end of its useful life and should be considered for replacement.

    Considering both the condition of the pipe as well as the capacity in the system the engineering department has developed a capital plan which identifies approximately when each of the watermain upgrades will be necessary. As development patterns change and the city system ages it is necessary to review and update the capital plan prior to adopting the Annual Capital Works Plan for the current year