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How Do I Access and Download the City's Bid Documents?

IMPORTANT: You must be using Chrome, FireFox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari to be able to access the bid documents.

(Internet Explorer is no longer supported)

Step 1:  From the Bid Opportunities table below, click on the title of the RFP/Tender you are trying to access.  This will take you to the specific project page. 

Step 2:  Check the box next to "I am interested in learning more about this proposal".  A short form will appear for you to complete.

Step 3:  After completing the form and selecting a password, click the Submit button. If you do not see the Submit button, you will need to use a different browser program (i.e. Firefox, Safari) to access the documents. After clicking submit, a list of all downloadable documents for the project will appear.

Most documents posted by the City are in .PDF format.

Step 4:  For subsequent visits to access the documents, you can by-pass the form by entering the password that you have chosen:

- Check the "I am interested..." box

- Check the "I have a password for this proposal" box

- Enter password, and click Submit.


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