Community Poverty Reduction Initiative

Poverty has impacts on many aspects of community and individual well-being, such as food, housing, education, health and employment. Poverty affects not just the individuals living in poverty, but also the community as a whole. The City of New Westminster is working with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and local organizations to reduce poverty in New Westminster through the Community Poverty Reduction Initiative.

  • On December 5, 2016, New Westminster’s City Council endorsed New Westminster’s Community Poverty Reduction Strategy. The New Westminster Community Poverty Reduction Strategy is the culmination of several years of dedicated work on behalf of the Community Poverty Reduction Committee. The strategy provides a vision for moving forward and specific actions to enhance the quality of life of families, while providing a supportive environment and opportunities to help families move out of poverty. The strategy, which incorporates a five-year action plan, is based on extensive research and a comprehensive community consultation process, including with those with lived experiences of poverty.

    Community Poverty Reduction Strategy

  • On October 1, 2018, New Westminster City Council endorsed the Food Security Action Plan. The plan was a response to increasing levels of food insecurity and a number of barriers related to food security efforts in New Westminster, including lack of awareness, limited access and poor coordination. The plan, which involved over 30 community, faith, settlement and social service organizations in its development, includes 38 actions which are organized according to six key areas. The New Westminster Homelessness Coalition Society and the New Westminster Community Food Action Committee, with a grant from the City of New Westminster, will be responsible for plan implementation.

    Food Security Action Plan

    City of New Westminster Helping Hands Brochure

    Fraser Health Low Cost Food Directory

  • We are looking for interested residents, businesses and social service agencies to work with us on various poverty reduction related projects. Our Committee currently consists of the City of New Westminster, Provincial Government Ministry of Children and Family Development, Fraser Health and various social services agencies within New Westminster.

    The Committee implements the Poverty Reduction Strategy, with many of the project-specific actions being undertaken by our two working groups:

    1. Financial Literacy and Empowerment (FLE) working group: this group helps to connect and boost awareness among residents with opportunities to increase income through education grants, tax clinics and access to services.
    2. Public Awareness and Education (PAE) working group: this newly-formed group will be working on presentations, exhibits and other public awareness efforts to increase understanding and empathy towards the challenges and stigma faced by persons living in poverty.

    For more information on how to get involved in these working groups, please contact:

    Lisa Paterson
    Community Development Worker
    Provincial Government Ministry of Children and Family Development

  • Community Poverty Reduction Committee

    Agendas and minutes for the committee.

    The Community Poverty Reduction Committee typically meets every two months on Thursday mornings/afternoons at New Westminster City Hall. The meetings are typically one to two hours in length.

    Minutes and Agendas

    February 2018 Minutes
    April 2018 Minutes
    October 2018 Minutes
    November 2018 Minutes
    January 2019 Minutes
    April 2019 Agenda
    May 2019 Minutes


  • The Community Poverty Reduction Committee has produced reports on topics related to poverty reduction:


    Below are links to resources that may be useful for social service agencies and local residents: