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  • Ewen Avenue

    Project Task




    Ditch Excavation and Storm installation Ewen Ave (North side of Ewen; Jardine St. East) February 12th - 19th Day time road closure along Ewen Avenue between Boundary and Dawe. Detours in place. On street parking impacts. Single lane alternating traffic through construction area. Buses will be given priority. Access to affected lots will be reinstated by end of day.
    Metro Vancouver Water Main Maintenance Work Ewen Avenue at Boundary Road, Phillips Street and Jardine Street January 22 - early March

    Single lane, alternating traffic will generally be maintained on Ewen Avenue intersections at Boundary Road, Phillips Street and Jardine Street, with occasional closures. Temporary traffic signs and traffic control personnel will be on-site to guide the traffic adjustments.

    For more information, please visit

  • Front Street between Sixth Street & Begbie

    Starting January 10th CEWE crews will be along Front Street between 6th Street and Begbie Street to install the catenary lighting system. The works will incorporate single lane alternating traffic along the truck route and portions of parking stalls (approximately 5 at a time) along the Mews. Pedestrian access and through traffic along the Mews will be maintained. The work will be daytime hours between 7am and 6pm (Monday to Friday) for approximately five weeks.

    The installation of the catenary lighting will further enhance the Mews and produce an engaging and animated space into the later hours of the evening.


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  • Sewer Separation & Other Projects

    Please see here for further updates.

    Project Type Location Duration Impact
    City of New West - Sewer Separation Braid St: Brunette to E. Columbia Feb 13-28 Hydrant installation, watermain testing, fibre optic works. Localized lane closures in effect 8-5pm.
    City of New West - Sewer Separation Fader: North of Braid Feb 13-23

    water service connection switch over. Short term water outages. No traffic or parking impact.

    City of New West - Sewer Separation Braid Street at E. Columbia Feb 13-28 Watermain installation. Localized traffic impact.
    City of New West - Sewer Separation Braid & Brunette Intersection Feb 13-28 Watermain testing. No significant impacts
    City of New West - Watermain

    East Columbia and Braid Street intersection

    Feb 23-25 (tenative) - Night work

    Watermain installation and tie-in. Impacts to intersection, lane shifts. Single lane in each direction.

    City of New Westminster– Watermain E. Columbia and Braid St. Friday March 9th from 11pm to 5am

    Water flow will be shut down at 11pm and is expected to be back up by 5am Saturday morning for buildings along E. Columbia from Braid St. to lane north of Cedar St. Effected buildings will be provided written notification.

    City of New Westminster – Watermain E. Columbia and Braid St. Saturday March 10th from 10pm to 7am

    Water flow will be shut down at 10pm and is expected to be back up by 7am Sunday morning for buildings along E. Columbia from Braid St. to Hoult St. Effected buildings will be provided written notification.

    Metro Vancouver Watermain Intersection of Richmond St. and Sherbrooke St. Feb 7 -15 Watermain installation. Intersection closed.
    Metro Vancouver Watermain Churchill: Scott to William Feb 14-28 Watermain installation. Road closed

    Other major projects in the area include the redevelopment of Royal Columbia Hospital (RCH). News and updates from this project, including road closure information, can be found here.

    Braid Street Water Main Replacement

    Water main replacement work will take place on Braid Street in sections between Columbia Street and Brunette Avenue for seven consecutive Saturdays starting November 18th. Work will take place between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm. Traffic will be reduced to single-lane traffic in both directions.

    For more information on this project, please contact Amir Aminpour, Project Manager, at 604-515-3796.

    Braid Street Greenway Phase 1 - Night Work Construction

    The City is planning construction for Phase 1 of the Braid Street Greenway starting Tuesday, November 14th 2017 to Friday, March 30th 2018.  Eurovia BC is the construction contractor on site and they will be working night shifts Sunday to Thursday from 7pm to 7am.

    Phase 1 construction will take place along the North side of Braid Street from Canfor Avenue heading west up to the rail right of way.  

    The scope of work for this project includes:

    • Construction of asphalt multi-use pathway
    • Storm drainage upgrades
    • Installation of new curb and gutter
    • Additional street lighting

    The consulting engineering firm for this project is ISL Engineering. Should you require further information regarding this construction, please contact the Project Engineer, Grant Ngieng during regular business hours of 9AM to 5PM, at 604-787-5606 ()

    Francis Way on Street Parking Lane

    As part of the city’s 2017 Capital Works Program, the city is contracting Jack Cewe Ltd. to build a 36 meter long by 2.2 meter wide parking lane on the South side of Francis Way West of the Memorial Drive intersection.  Work is scheduled to start November 14th and be complete November 24th.

    The scope of work will include removal of existing curb, boulevard and roadway to be replaced with a new curb and gutter with brick pavers used as the parking surface.

    Please contact the City’s Project Manager Peter Tsoutsouras at 604-636-4340 for any questions or concerns.

    Chilliwack St - Chestnut

    Metro Vancouver is doing a watermain replacement and is scheduled to move up chilliwack Street from 8th to Chestnut for the week of November 20th. During this time, the right turn onto Sherbrooke Street from East 8th will be blocked off. This will be from Tuesday, November 21st to Thursday November 23rd.

    Pedestrian Crossing Improvements - Hospital St and E. Columbia St.

    As part of the City of New Westminster’s Pedestrian Crossing Improvement Program, Crown Contracting will be installing a new curb extension at the corner of Hospital Street and East Columbia Street.  Crown Contracting will be the contractor performing the work on site between the hours of 7am to 5pm and the expected completion date is Saturday, November 25th.

    Please contact Peter Tsoutsouras at 604.636.4340 with any questions and concerns.

  • Project Type




    Watermain Replacement

    First St. between 6th Ave and 8th Ave

    Feb. 5th to 19th

    Street closed. Local traffic only.


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  • As part of the City of New Westminster’s 2017 Sewer Separation Program, road construction will be taking place on Hamilton Street, Seventh Avenue and Nanaimo Street between Tenth Street and Twelfth Street. Crews are anticipated to reassemble towards the end of January 2018.

    Location Approximate Duration
    Seventh Avenue End of January – mid February
    Nanaimo Street February 13th – 23rd
    Site Restoration & Deficiencies February 19th – 23rd

    Throughout Construction:

    • Typical hours of work will be from 7:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday;
    • Streets will be closed to all vehicular traffic; 
    • Pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained at all times;
    • Traffic control personnel will be on site;
    • Parking will not be available during construction hours;
    • Residents that are directly impacted will be notified in advance of work commencing.

    In a combined sewer system, stormwater runoff is combined in a single pipe with wastewater from homes, businesses, and industry. During drier weather, the stormwater and wastewater are carried to the sewage treatment plant together. But in heavy rain, high volumes of stormwater can exceed the capacity of a combined sewer system. The excess, untreated amounts overflow and empty directly into our waterways. However, with sewer separation, rainwater and sewage are handled independently which helps limit environmental impacts.

    We will endeavor to minimize disruption as much as possible. However, as with a project of this nature, some disruption is inevitable.

    If you have any questions please contact the City’s Project Manager, Amir Aminpour at or 604 515 3796.

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  • Project Location Duration Impact

    Watermain Replacement

    Edinburgh St. from Thirteenth St. to Fourteenth St

    Feb 8th - 23rd

    Street closed. Local traffic only.

    21st Street Sidewalk and Street Light Installation - London St to 7th Avenue

    As part of the City of New Westminster’s capital program for walking infrastructure improvements, the City is installing new sidewalk, crosswalks, let downs, and street lighting along 21st St from 7th   Avenue to London Street. 

    RDM Enterprises is the prime contractor on site and are schedule to work Monday to Saturday 7am to 5pm.  Construction is scheduled to start November 2nd and expected to take 6 weeks to complete, weather dependent. 

    Traffic control signage and personnel will be in place and every effort will be made to minimize disruption to local traffic and residents.

    For any related issues, please contact the Construction Manager, Ron Deo, from Binnie Engineering at 604-612-1220 ().