Off-Leash Dog Areas

The City of New Westminster recognizes the importance of dogs to residents by providing nine off-leash dog areas. These 'dog parks' are a safe way to exercise your best friend while socializing with other dog owners.
Each off-leash dog area provides a wonderful mix of trees, open space, benches, waste and bag recycling bins. Moody Park and Queen’s Park also offer separation gates to create an area for small or shy dogs. At users’ discretion, the optional separation gate may be open to create one large all-dog area or closed to create a separate small/shy dog area.
Pet owners are asked to pick up after their dog and to bring extra 'doggie bags' and deposit them in the recycling bag dispensers.
All dogs in New Westminster require a licence.
Owners with off-leash dogs in undesignated areas are subject to fines. Please refer to New Westminster Animal Services for more information.
Report site maintenance issues using See Click Fix.
The City’s People, Parks & Pups Strategy maps out a ten-year plan to balance park usage between dog owners and non-owners, offering guidance for off-leash activities across the city.
  • Rules

    Help Make Off-Leash Areas Safe for Everyone
    • All dogs must be accompanied by and be under the control of their owner.
    • Off-leash use permitted within fenced area only.
    • Vicious dogs are not permitted within the fenced area.
    • Aggressive dogs must be muzzled. Any dog showing aggressive behaviour must be removed from the area.
    • If your dog digs a hole, please fill it in.
    • Pick-up after your dog. No one likes surprises underfoot.
    • No smoking in, or within 15 metres of, fenced area.
    • Respect your neighbourhood. Please limit excessive barking.

    Separation Gate Reminders: Small or Shy Dogs Have Priority

    • Do not cut through the small or shy dog off-leash area.
    • Small or shy dogs may become distressed when approached by a larger dog.
    • The separation gate may be opened to create one large all-dog area when all users of the small or shy dog area give consent.
    • The gate may be closed to create a separate small or shy dog area at the discretion of small of shy dog owners.
    • The gate must remain closed unless dogs are actively using both areas.
    • Close the gate when you leave the off-leash area.

  • To help keep Columbia Street sidewalks clean, the City has installed a Dog Relief Station at the corner of Begbie & Columbia Streets.

    Dog owners are encouraged to take advantage of this creative, convenient and considerate option when walking your dogs in the downtown core.