Single Detached Dwellings Building Permits

If you are a property owner or builder planning to renovate, add onto or build a new single detached dwelling, you are required to obtain permits. New accessory buildings over 10 square meters, such as a garage, also require permits.

ESTIMATED WAIT TIME FOR REVIEW to commence : 10 - 14 weeks



To Apply online, please visit .


The City of New Westminster now provides a online permit and submission platform, providing CAMINO to you or your representative in a voluntary capacity. Please note that any personal information that is disclosed to CAMINO is stored on servers based in the United States of America, and such is subject to US law. Should you wish to apply or a permit using an alternative method, please refer to below.


To apply via email, please refer to the guides below.


New Construction and Additions

Review and complete the forms in the Residential and Accessory Building Permit Application Package prior to permit submission.

Detached Garage and Other Detached Accessory Structures

Detached accessory structures, such as garages, garden sheds, and gazebos, over 10 square meters ( 108 square feet) in area will require a building permit to construct. Please refer to the Guide for Residential Detached Garage for a full list of required drawings and documents.

Decks and Attached Accessory Structures

For construction or structural alteration to an attached accessory structure, such as a deck, please refer to the Guide for Residential Deck Construction for a full list of required drawings and documents.

Secondary Suites

Please visit the Secondary Suites page for more information, and requirements for installing, legalizing, or decommissioning a Secondary Suite.

Detached Accessory Dwellings (Carriage & Laneway House)

Please visit the Laneway and Carriage Houses page for more information about construction of a new Detached Accessory Dwelling.

Construction in Queensborough

For new construction or additions in Queensborough, please review the additional requirements.

Applying for a Permit

Once you have obtained the drawings and documents required as per the relevant checklist, you may apply for a Building Permit.

NOTE: Due to the current COVID-19 Health Emergency, applications are only being accepted digitally.

If all requirements are met, the Plan Reviewer will accept the building permit application and an application fee must be paid.


To apply via email, please send all application documentation and drawings to   . Please note that documents must be attached as PDF's directly. We cannot accept documents saved via a cloud based server.


Please see Forms & Documentation for ALL handouts AND BULLETINS