Garbage Collection

Garbage is collected on a bi-weekly basis. Garbage collection every two weeks may seem like a challenge but remember, a wide variety of items can go into your Recycling and Yard and Food Scraps carts.

Please refer to the 2017 Curbside Collection Schedule for more information.

For more information, please call Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691 or email .
  • *Can be recycled in the blue bin outside Glenbrook Middle School.

    Note: Use of plastic bags in your cart is optional.

  • *Recycle at the City's Recycling Depot.
    ** Can be recycled at the Salvation Army at 774 Columbia Street (rear entrance).


    Please do not overfill your cart. The lid should close easily. Be careful not to pack material too tight as it may not fall out when being emptied.


    Garbage will be collected on a bi-weekly basis. Please refer to the Collection Schedule for more details.

  • 1. Disposable diapers

    • Consider cloth diapers. A diaper service can be cost-competitive to disposables - washed and delivered.
    • Bag diapers separately.
    • Use heavier gauge bags, preferably biodegradable.
    • Tightly secure bag.
    • Sprinkle baking soda on soiled diaper and in bag before tying it shut.
    • Keep waste cart lid closed at all times.

    2. Other smelly items

    • Rinse raw meat and fish residue or blood off styrofoam trays or plastic bags before disposing of them. 
    • Sprinkle baking soda over smelly items before bagging them.

    3. Throw less away

    • Whenever possible, choose products with less packaging, or with packaging that can be recycled. Buy in bulk when you can.
    • Whenever possible, buy and use refillable or reusable containers.
    • Try to donate or sell unwanted items rather than throwing them away. Even items that might need repair may be desired by others (e.g. parts).

    4. Cart tips

    • Make sure all messy or smelly waste is securely bagged before putting it in your cart.
    • Regularly rinse out your cart with your hose or a vinagar/water solution to control odours.
  • There is value in your recyclable materials. Check your waste to ensure that you’re not throwing away valuable

    recyclable items in your garbage.

    Did you know the aluminum can is the most valuable container to recycle and is the most recyclable of all materials? The aluminum can is 100 percent recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely.
  • For larger items requiring disposal, the City may be able to offer a special pick-up where the item(s) can be collected from the curb for a fee.  Special pick-up inquiries can be made by calling Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691. Please note: some restrictions apply.  No refunds will be issued once payment is made.

    Help keep your city clean and report any incidents you’ve seen of illegal dumping to our Engineering Operations team at 604-526-4691.

  • General Refuse Coquitlam Transfer Station Ph: 604-681-5600
    Hazardous Waste Encorp Ph: 604-732-9253
    Ministry of Environment   Ph: 604-582-5200  
    Drywall New West Gypsum Ph: 604-520-6647  

    Construction Wood
    Urban Wood Waste Recyclers Ph: 604-527-4060  
    Recycling Inquiries Engineering Operations Ph: 604-526-4691  
      Recycling Depot Ph: 604-968-4208  
      Recycling Hotline (RCBC) Ph: 604-732-9253  
    Rain Barrels Engineering Operations Ph: 604-526-4691 Environmental Section
    Compost Inquiries Compost Hotline Ph: 604-736-2250  
    Metro Vancouver Solid Waste & Recycling Ph:
    Solid Waste & Recycling


  • Engineering Operations
    T 604-526-4691