Multi-Family Residential Alterations

Interior and exterior works to a multi-family, including but not limited to, altering interior walls, disrupting a fire separation, replacement of bathtubs or showers, enclosing a patio, building envelope and building membrane repairs, will require building permits.




Single Suite Alteration

For works confined within an existing suite in a multi-family building, including relocation of walls, disruption of fire separations, or installation/ replacement of a bathtub or shower, a building permit is required. refer to the Multi-Family Residential Permit Requirements handout for a listing of required drawings and documents.

Bathtub & Shower Replacement

Replacement of bathtubs or showers in a multi-family building do require both a building and plumbing permit. This is to ensure that the work done meets the requirements of the Building & Plumbing Codes, that plumbing works will not negatively impact the building as a whole, and that all plumbing penetrations through a fire separation are correctly firestopped.

Altering Wood Frame Partition Walls

For work which involves altering, removing, or relocating wood framed interior partition walls, a report from a Professional Structural Engineer will be required, certifying that the walls altered are not structural. 


For works involving common property or common areas, or work to multiple units, refer to the Multi-Family Residential Permit Requirements handout for a listing of general requirements. Please note that additional may be required, depending on the scope of work. This may include, but not be limited to, involvement of registered professionals, sealed professional schedules and drawings, or Planning Division or Engineering Department review. For more information regarding requirements for a specific scope of work, please contact the Building Division at 604-527-4580 .

Building Envelope & Membrane Repair

Repair of Building Envelope & Membrane, including cladding, and doors & windows, requires the involvement of a Building Envelope Consultant.

Work Requiring Planning Division Review

Changes to the exterior of the building, installation of additional dwelling units, change of use of storage or amenity spaces, or removal of parking spaces may require a review by the Planning Division during the permit application review. To inquire whether a specific project will require Planning Division approval prior to permit issuance, please contact Planning at 604-527-4532, or at .


To apply via email, please send all application documentation and drawings to . Please note that documents must be attached as PDF's directly. for large files that cannot be emailed, please contact us for a link to our fileshare site. We cannot accept documents saved via a cloud based server.