Intelligent New West

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Generating value with a focus on the creation, distribution, and use of knowledge and information supports the development of a knowledge-based economy in New Westminster.

Intelligent New West

The City of New Westminster believes that the act of introducing new concepts or ideas to effect positive change and create value is essential to developing an ethos of innovation and to fostering that innovation among residents, businesses, and institutions. With innovation being essential to the interconnected economy, the City is committed to pursuing innovation through many means including its journey to become a world recognized intelligent community.

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SMART21 Community

New Westminster has been recognized as a Global SMART21 community by the Intelligent Community Forum.

The Intelligent Community Forum is a global network of cities and regions with a think tank at its center. Its mission is to help communities use information and communications technology (ICT) to create inclusive prosperitytackle social and governance challenges and enrich their quality of life.  Watch this short video to learn more about Intelligent Cities.

Open Access Fibre Network

Installation of the City’s fibre network BridgeNet is currently underway.  As an open access network provider, the City of New Westminster is strengthening the local economy through greater competition and access to gigabit fibre.

BridgeNet Promo Video
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