Emergency Support Services (ESS)

New Westminster Emergency Support Services (ESS) provides short-term services (generally for up to 72 hours) to preserve the emotional and physical well being of evacuees and response workers in emergency situations. The assistance includes food, lodging, clothing, emotional support and family reunification.

    • Level 1 – Minor evacuation, an incident involving one or two families

      This involves no more than 12 evacuees, no Reception Centre (RC) activated, services are provided at the incident site (e.g., house fires, water main rupture).
    • Level 2 – Limited evacuation, an incident involving three or more families

      This involves more than 12 evacuees. Services are delivered either on site or in a Reception Center (e.g., neighbourhood or apartment block).
    • Level 3 – Extensive evacuation, large number of people impacted

      Multiple dwellings or neighborhoods are impacted. The number of Reception Centers and/or Group Lodging sites that are activated increase as needed.
  • This group of dedicated volunteers assists in planning for the well-being of the citizens in our community in the event of a disaster.

    Participation is required in an on-call rotation. You will be called out to smaller emergency events to provide short-term basic needs to displaced residents.

    For more information about New Westminster Support Services (ESS) contact the Emergency Program Office at 604-515-3794 or visit BC Emergency Support Services (ESS).

  • The City of New Westminster Emergency Support Services (ESS) volunteers are a group of dedicated individuals who help plan for the wellbeing of their neighbours and fellow citizens in the event of a disaster. A commitment of approximately 4 – 6 hours per month is required for meetings, free training and exercises. Volunteers are required to:

    • Be 19+ years and in good health
    • Have a valid BC Driver's License
    • Do a criminal record check and a vulnerable sector search. This is requested as part of the application process.
  • ESS provides short-term services (generally for up to 72 hours) to preserve the emotional and physical wellbeing of evacuees and response worker in emergency situations. This assistance includes providing food, lodging, clothing, emotional support, and family reunification.

    There are monthly meetings and training sessions for all volunteers so they have the skills to:

    • Act as a liaison between the evacuees and the first responders.
    • Provide temporary services to evacuees and a safe place where they can gather to receive assistance and information.
    • Provide Emergency Preparedness education to the public and community organizations.


  • For information about being and becoming an ESS volunteer, please review the ESS Volunteer Information Program Guide. Join our team and serve the community!

    Click here to apply.

  • This team of volunteers is an integral component to the New Westminster Emergency Program (NWEP). In an emergency we face the very real possibility that lines of communication may be severed or interrupted. The NWEP relies heavily on the back up communication link that members of the New Westminster Emergency Communication Service are trained to provide for an emergency incident in our community. More information about this program is available on the Radio Amateurs of Canada website.


  • General Inquiries
    8:30 am - 4:30 pm
    Monday - Friday (excluding statutory holidays)
    T: 604-519-1000

  • Public Safety and Prevention
    (inspections, fire safety issues, public education)
    T: 604-519-1004