The deadline for 2018 grant applications has now passed. Grant applications will no longer be accepted online or in hard copy.

Until the online program is live, you can refer to the excel application forms below to begin formulating your questions and assembling supporting documentation in preparation for when the online grant application goes live.

Or, if you do not have access to apply for your grant online, you can complete the Excel application form provided in the sections below as your application. Save it on your computer, and complete the applicable questions found on all of the worksheets.

All grant applications should be emailed or mailed to:

Ruby Campbell

City Hall, 511 Royal Avenue
New Westminster, BC V3L 1H9

These applications may be submitted prior to October 1, 2017.

All applications are due October 31, 2017. For any questions specific to the grant category please contact the specific grant staff listed in the sections below.

  • The Festival Grant program provides funding to New Westminster-based organizations to support existing and new festivals in the community. These could be neighbourhood initiatives, events within specific areas of the city and/or citywide or regional events. Events must align with the City’s values for a healthy and vibrant community enhancing the quality of life, tourism, culture, recreation and providing economic benefits to the local economy.

    Festival Event Grant application form

    Please send completed application form to:

    Michelle Dean

    City Hall, 511 Royal Avenue
    New Westminster, BC V3L 1H9

  • The Heritage Grant program is designed to assist New Westminster based heritage organizations with the delivery of heritage programs, projects, and events. Events and/or services must contribute to the heritage of the City.

    Heritage Grant guidelines

    Grant Contact:
    Rob McCullough

  • The City's Environmental Grant is designed to support locally based organizations or non-profit societies in undertaking projects which provide an environmental benefit or promote environmental awareness to the New Westminster community.

    Environmental Grant guidelines

    Apply online

    Environmental Grant hard copy application form

    Grant Contact:
    Jennifer Lukianchuk

  • The Community Grant program is designed to support community-based projects for new and developing organizations, established organizations that work on a project basis, and organizations undertaking a special, one-time initiative. The projects must assist the City to fulfill its mission statement and accomplish strategic goals.

    Apply online

    Community Grant hard copy application form


    Grant Contact:
    Robyn McGuinness

  • The Arts & Culture Grant program is designed to support New Westminster arts organizations or organizations whose projects take place in New Westminster and benefit the local community.  It specifically assists with delivery of new programs, events or initiatives and in addition for New Westminster-based organizations assists with specialized equipment, instruments, and costumes. The events and/or services must contribute to the artistic and cultural fabric of the City. The funding is provided on a cost-sharing basis with the balance coming from partnerships and fundraising activities undertaken by the applicant.   

    Arts & Culture Grant guidelines

    Grant Contact:
    Biliana Velkova


  • The City’s new Child Care Grant program promotes quality, accessibility and affordability of highly needed child care services. It is designed to assist licensed, non-profit child care operators to expand, renovate and/or repair their facility or purchase appliances, equipment and/or furnishings to better serve children in their care.

    Apply online

    Child Care Grant hard copy application form


    Grant Contact:
    John Stark

  • The City Partnership Grant Program is designed to assist not-for-profit incorporated organizations with delivery of major services to the community.  The services must assist the city to fulfill the City Partnership Grant objectives.

    City Partnership Grant Guidelines

    Apply online

    City Partnership Grant hard copy application form


    Grant Contact:
    Trish Nielsen


  • The Amateur Sport Fund grants are designed to support the New Westminster youth sport organizations to assist with increasing participation in all sport activities, skill development, competition and the providing of volunteer opportunities. Eligible projects can include new equipment, assistance for the development of new programs or the hosting of clinics, seminars or tournaments.

    Amateur Sports Grant guidelines

    Amateur Sports Travel Grant hard copy application form

    Grant Contact:
    James Doan