One Time Small Grant Applications for Portfolios 1 and 2 will Open on June 28.


The PowerPoint Presentation from the Grants Information Session held on Wednesday, March 31 is available here.

The Grant Policy reflects the values, vision and needs of the community. Community organizations are vital to the livability and vitality of our community and through the help of the grant program they can deliver essential, creative, and innovative programs, support and services.

Under the Community Grants Program, there are three portfolios under which funds are granted. Applicants will need to choose the portfolio to which they are applying.

The Community Grants Criteria document will help answer any immediate questions or refer to our Frequently Answered Questions.

2021 Grant Opportunity Calendar

Grant Name Open Date Closed Date Opportunity
Spring Intake March 30 April 23 Small one time grants for emergent issues
Summer Intake June 28 July 23 Small one time grants for emergent issues
Fall Grant Intake August 5 October 1 Project and Events and Multiyear Grants for 2022

One-Time Small Grant are for emergent needs that could not have been anticipated in October 2020.  These grants are limited to a maximum of $3,500 and do not include City Services. See above for information and the Grants Criteria and Policy Documents.

Grant Types

Portfolio Project & Event Grants Multi-Year Funding One-Time Small Grants
Community Livability & Social Equity                        X                     X                       X
Social & Cultural Vibrancy                        X                     X                       X
Community Economic Activators                        X                     X  

To receive your Grant money and for the City to better understand how your event has impacted our community and how the City’s grant funding has made a difference in the delivery of your event, we require you to complete and submit the following 3 forms: Post Project/Event Evaluation form, Statement of Accountability and “Snapshot of Success” on or before December 17th* of the year the grant was awarded to and sent to: .

*If the project/event is completed before August 14th please submit the “Snapshot of Success” before September 17th .

  • It is the responsibility of the grantee to research all new and evolving COVID-19 sectorial authority requirements and outline how all the COVID-19 regulations will be met within your application. In addition, if your organization proposes to use a City service or facility, the City will require your organization to produce and provide a COVID-19 Safety Plan at least two weeks in advance of your initiative.Examples of sectorial authorities include CDC, WorkSafeBC, ViaSport and BC Restart.

    Those needing to create a Safety Plan may use this template as a reference.

  • Grants under this portfolio will fund organizations, projects, programs, or services that: decrease the vulnerability of people in our community; enhance community safety and quality of life; ensure children receive quality child care; increase economic well-being; and, improve the urban and natural environment.
  • Grants in this portfolio will fund organizations, projects, programs, services, events, or opportunities in the arts, culture, heritage, sport and recreation that: enable participation and increase access; enrich the vibrancy, expression, and creativity of our community; honour our unique heritage; and, create and recognize opportunities for achievement and innovation.
  • Enhancing the economic opportunities in our community increases the well-being of our residents. Grants in this portfolio are provided to organizations that play a significant role in enhancing tourism and the economic development of New Westminster. The following types of organizations are eligible to apply: (a) New Westminster based Business Improvement Associations; (b) New Westminster based Chambers of Commerce; and (c) New Westminster based associations that promote tourism within New Westminster. 
  • Post project and event grantees will be sent an evaluation form to complete. See samples below:

    Post Event Evaluation Form

    Post Project Evaluation Form

    Snapshots of Success are available from Grant Coordinators or by request to