Admission Fees & Passes

Use ACTIVEPASS to access Group Fitness, Skating, Swimming, Gymnastics, Sports and more!


    Purchase a 365-day ActivePass before July 31, 2024 and your 13th month is free!

    Pay the annual fee or sign up for automatic monthly payments. To setup monthly payments call or visit a facility so our clerks can assist you.


    Three new options! Family, Students and 75+ years!
    Admission fees are now the same at all facilities.

      1 Visit 10 Visit 30 Day Pass 365 Day Pass
        Save 20% Save 30% Save 45%
    0 - 3 years Free - - -
    4 - 12 years $3.75 $30.00 $33.75 $24.75 / mon. or $297.00
    13 - 18 years $5.00 $40.00  $45.00  $33.00 / mon. or $396.00
    19 - 64 years $7.50  $60.00  $67.50  $49.50 / mon. or $594.00
    65 - 74 years $5.00  $40.00  $45.00  $33.00 / mon. or $396.00
    75+ years $3.75 $30.00  $33.75  $24.75 / mon. or $297.00 
    Family Member* $3.75 $30.00 - -
    Student with ID* $5.00  $40.00  $45.00  $33.00 / mon. or $396.00
    Shower Only $2.00 - - -
    Try-it! $2.00 - - -
    *Family Member - When caregivers (e.g. parents, grandparents, babysitters) accompany children or youth (0 - 18 years) to an activity, they each pay the Family Member fee, and children 0 - 3 years are free. Family Member admission and passes are only available for redemption in-person at facilities.
    Student with ID Fee - For students with identification from an accredited post-secondary institution, as defined by the Province of British Columbia. Student 10 Visit and 30 Day passes are available for purchase in-person at any facility when ID is provided. These passes can be used in-person and online.
    Excluded programs include: Youth Services Drop-in, $1.00; Youth Services Fitness & Sports, $2.00; and Youth Annual Membership, $21.00. Century House Activity Groups require a Century House Association Membership and may require an activity fee.
    Try-It!” rate drop-in sessions rotate each season to provide low-cost options for patrons to try programs they may not be familiar with.


  • To Purchase: 

    Login to your online Parks and Recreation account and go to My Profile > Membership for pass options. 


  • What are the benefits of having an ActivePass?
    Access all drop-in and limited-capacity drop-in services: fitness centres, sports, swimming, indoor cycling, Aquafit, skating, gymnastics, and more. Monthly payments are automatic.

    Do I need a physical card? 
    Use ActivePass to quickly tap in to access the fitness centre, drop-in swimming or sports.  

    I forgot my ActivePass at home, what do I do? 
    Please go to the front counter and a clerk can use your phone number to check in.

    Can I use a photo of my ActivePass?
    Yes, You may keep a photo of your ActivePass barcode on your phone and use it to scan in, however we do recommend you bring your physical card.

    Can I still use my old card? 

    Why do I need to have my picture taken? 
    A picture is required to keep on file so we can authenticate you in the system when you check-in. We will no longer print your photo on your card. 

    Can I register using my ActivePass? 
    Yes, for limited-capacity drop-in programs.  

    Can I share an ActivePass?  
    Multi-visit Active Pass of 10 visits may be shared amongst users as long as the admission type is applicable to the Pass user. 

    Does my child need a pass to attending swimming lessons? 
    No, turnstile gates will be open during lesson time. Caregivers are welcome to assist children in the change rooms before and after swimming lessons without the need for an ActivePass. Caregivers should identify themselves at the front desk as dropping off or picking up children.

    Can I swim or use the fitness centre when my child is in lessons?
    Caregivers who wish to use the aquatic or fitness facilities while their children are in swimming lessons must pay an admission fee or purchase an ActivePass.

    Are Group Fitness & Fitness Centre at Century House included in the ActivePass? 
    Yes! All ActivePass memberships now include access to all fitness services located at Century House for youth, adults and seniors. NOTE: Some Century House group fitness classes may only be offered to participants who are 50 years and older. 

    Do ActivePass membership holders also need a Century House Association membership to access Fitness Centre and Group Fitness at Century House? 
    No. Admissions fees and ActivePass are both eligible for Fitness Centre and Group Fitness at Century House. Please note, some Century House group fitness classes may only be offered to participants who are 50 years and older. 

  • To help overcome financial barriers, the Parks and Recreation Department Financial Assistance Program offers eligible residents a 50% fee discount on eligible registered programs, Active 10 Visit, and Active 30 Day passes.

    Learn more about Financial Assistance

  • Multi-visit Pass Extensions

    Do you have a multi-visit pass that expired between March 15, 2020 and now? You may be eligible to have your visits extended due to our service disruptions over the last 4 years. If this sounds like your situation, please email with your full name and account phone number or inquire at one of our parks and recreation facilities. If eligible, you will receive a non-monetary multi-visit pass equal to the number of lost visits. You must submit your request by December 31, 2025.