ActivePASS Memberships

With ActivePASS, you can access the network of New Westminster arenas, pools, fitness centres, gymnastics, sports and community centres across the city with one simple card. Convenient system-wide pass offering unlimited access to eligible drop-in programs including: group fitness classes, fitness centres, sports, gymnastics and more!

ActivePASS gives you the flexibility to customize your own recreation experience to meet your needs and goals. Our pass options make it easier to stay active, try new activities, and have fun!



Active 10 Visit

Active 30 

Active 90 

Active 365

  10 Visits 30 days 90 days 365 Days

SAVE 20%

SAVE 25%

SAVE 25%

SAVE 45%

(1 - 12 years)**





(13 - 18 years)





(19 - 64 years)





(65+ years)





Prices include tax. Financial Assistance is available for Active 10 Visit passes.
**Children 3 & under admission is free for skating drop-in.

To Purchase: 

Login to your online Parks and Recreation account and go to My Profile > Membership for pass options. 


  • Why have the pass options changed?
    We have heard from our customers that they want a more all-inclusive parks and recreation experience. The Active 30, Active 90 and Active 365 passes provide access to a variety of recreation experiences without having to buy additional passes.

    Where can I find specific information on drop-in services that I can access with my Active Pass?
    Please visit the drop-in schedules.

    Can I access Century House services with the Active Pass?
    Century House operates an age-restricted membership model with the Century House Association. We are currently reviewing how the Active Pass may fit into this model in the future.

    Does the Active 10 pass expire?
    Yes, the Active 10 will expire three years, less a day, from the date of sale.

    Can I share my Active 10 Pass?
    Active 10 passes can be shared among a limited number of eligible family account members.

    Why is skating not included in the ActivePass?
    The skating admission fee is a lower cost to you. 

    Are the Active 30, 90, and 365 passes refundable?
    Yes, these passes are refundable (prorated as applicable) until the pass expires. The Active 365 can only be refunded after six months.

    I am a regular user of parks and recreation services, what is the difference between the Active 30, Active 90 and Active 365 passes?
    These passes are ideal if you access recreation services three or more times a week. The Active 30 allows you to purchase 1 month, Active 90 allows you to purchase 3 months, and Active 365 allows you to purchase 1 year.


    Memberships reactivated on July 20, 2021.

    Visit-based memberships (i.e. Active 10 Visit Pass) were activated July 20. In addition, Parks and Recreation extended the expiry date of visit-based memberships suspended due to COVID-19 by 16 months, the same amount of time COVID-19 suspended our membership program.

    Time based memberships (e.g. Active 30 Day Pass) are available for purchase and use as of July 20, 2021. If you have a current time based membership that was suspended due to COVID-19, you can access it any time before December 31, 2021, without losing any time or value on your pass. The reactivation will result in a prorated refund to your account, and with this account credit you can buy a new membership. This process is designed to ensure you can access your membership when you are ready to participate and to ensure you do not lose any pass time or value.

  • To help overcome financial barriers, the Parks and Recreation Department Financial Assistance Program offers eligible residents a 50% fee discount on eligible registered programs, Active 10 Visit, and Active 30 Day passes.

    Learn more about Financial Assistance