Business Licenses

Business Licensing promotes safe and legitimate business premises and operations within the City of New Westminster. Its primary functions are to provide initial advice for new businesses, to process business license applications within the context of New Westminster’s regulatory requirements, and to maintain an up-to-date database on existing businesses in the City.

The City of New Westminster has an annual renewal of approximately 4,000 business licenses each year. Business Licensing also issues licenses for liquor establishments and municipal decals.

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  • Every business in the City of New Westminster is required to have a valid business license before beginning operation. This includes home-based businesses, commercial and industrial operations and owners of apartment rental properties. Business licenses are also required for companies that are not located in the City but do work within New Westminster (example: contractors).
  • Before you sign a lease

    • Prospective business owners who are applying for business licenses should check with the Building, Planning and Licensing divisions on property they wish to lease or buy in regards to outstanding orders or issues pertaining to that property.
    • Check with the Planning and Building Department to make sure your business is a permitted use on the site.

    Change of Use

    • Each space in a building has its own specific approved use and sometimes the use of that space cannot be changed without approval and/or permit.

    Before you purchase a sign for your business

    • Review the requirements of the Sign Bylaw with the Planning Division. More information about sign permits and bylaws can be found here.
  • Business owners can renew their business license online quickly and easily by clicking here. Simply enter the account number and pay the balance due. A new business license will be mailed to you once your payment has been processed.

  • Type of Business


    Resident Business

    Businesses at a commercial location

    Application Form

    Non-Resident Business

    Contractors from different municipalities doing business within New Westminster

    Application Form

    Home Based Business

    Businesses operating from home

    Application Form & Questionnaire

    Inter-municipal Business Licence (IMBL)

    Trades contractors, or other professionals related to the construction industry, are eligible for a license to work in more than one municipality.

    IMBL Application Form (please save to your computer before filling out electronically)

    Rental Unit

    Anyone owning residential property with the intent of renting out three or more units or suites requires a business license

    Application Form

    Food Trucks

    Annual or license for food trucks.

    The "Guide: Food Trucks" contains information about permitted locations as well as about participating in special events.

    Guide: Food Trucks

    Application Form

    Fire Declaration Form

    Certificate of Insurance

    Street Vending

    Selling goods or providing entertainment at specific locations

    Application Form

    Vending Machines

    Different types of vending machines placed in specific locations

    Application Form

    Child Care Facility

    Anyone who wishes to run a child care facility in New Westminster

    Application Form

    For more information on Child Care in New Westminster, visit the Child Care & Child Development webpage


  • Business License Office
    T 604-527-4565