Intermunicipal Business Licence

An Intermunicipal Business Licence allows trades contractors or other professionals related to the construction industry to apply for a licence to work in more than one municipality.

Download the IMBL Application Form (Please save to your computer before filling out electronically)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Inter-municipal Business Licence (IMBL)?

An IMBL is a business licence that permits a business to operate in a number of different municipalities. 

Do I still need a business licence from the municipality in which my business is located?

Yes.  You must have a valid business licence to operate in the community in which your business has a fixed and permanent location prior to applying for an IMBL.  

Is there more than one IMBL?

Yes. There are several throughout the province.  The City of New Westminster participates in the MetroWest IMBL Program and works in partnership with Burnaby, Delta, Richmond, Surrey, and Vancouver.

Who would benefit by having a MetroWest IMBL?

The intent of the MetroWest IMBL is to assist eligible businesses that have a fixed and permanent location in one of the participating municipalities and regularly provide a service or product in one or several of the other participating municipalities. Prior to the existence of the MetroWest IMBL an eligible business required 6 licences to operate in the same geographical area that now only require 2 licences.    

Who is eligible for a MetroWest IMBL?

Any trades contractor or other professional that performs work related to the construction industry OR a contractor who performs maintenance, repair, AND/OR

inspections of land and buildings that has a fixed and permanent location in one of MetroWest’s participating municipalities.

What is the cost of a MetroWest IMBL?

For an eligible business with one location (including a home-based operation) the cost is $250.00.

How long is a MetroWest IMBL valid?

It is valid for the same term as your municipal business licence.

Where can I apply?

You must apply to the municipal business licensing office of your home municipality, i.e. where your business is presently located and licensed.

Where can I get more information?

For more information please contact your municipality’s business licence office or if your business is located in the City of New Westminster call 604-527-4565.

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