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How to Book

Recreation Facilities – for single events 

Birthday Parties, Weddings

Recreation Facilities – for seasonal rental
(fall & winter, or spring & summer).
Pools, Arenas, Gymnasiums, Multi-purpose Rooms at təməsew̓txʷ

Outdoor Events

Picnic Shelters, Parks and Plazas

Outdoor Sports
Sports Fields, Courts & Track


How is space allocated? 

The City provides user groups with bookable spaces in a fair and equitable manner to improve the quality of life and leisure pursuits of residents and visitors.

Space demand often exceeds availability resulting in the following priorities for the allocation of Department Space:

  1. Department programs, events and services;
  2. City programs, events and services;
  3. Department or City community events offered in partnership with a User Group;  
  4. Youth Activity Groups, Non-Profit Organizations and School District #40; 
  5. Returning Users;
  6. New User Groups; and
  7. Commercial Groups

Read more: Facility Allocation Policy (PDF)