2019 - 2022 Strategic Plan

Council’s 2019 – 2022 Strategic Plan outlines Council’s leadership role, key directions, and actions for seven priority areas that will be focused on during this term:

1. Affordable Housing
2. Culture and Economic Development
3. Environment and Climate Action
4. Facilities, Infrastructure, and Public Realm
5. Reconciliation, Inclusion, and Engagement
6. Sustainable Transportation
7. Organizational Effectiveness

The strategic plan acts as the road map for steering the City's activities on behalf of the community and is informed by core values that are interwoven into everything we do as we fulfill our vision for New Westminster.

Our Vision
A vibrant, compassionate, sustainable city that includes everyone.

Our Core Values

INTEGRITY – We act with honesty and truthfulness, adhering to strong ethical principles in everything that we do.

COMPASSION – We foster an environment of kindness and empathy and place a high value on caring for an understanding others.

INNOVATION – We celebrate creativity and seek to discover new solutions and ideas that enhance the positive impact of our work.

OPENNESS – We conduct our business with transparency, communicate clearly, and value meaningful engagement with our community.

ACCOUNTABILITY – We are prudent and fiscally responsible in all aspects of our work, keeping the best interests of our community front of mind at all times, and remaining answerable for our actions.

SUSTAINABILITY – We take a long-term approach to planning and decision-making when addressing current needs while remaining mindful of the need to protect future generations through regeneration of our natural ecosystem and reduced dependency on fossil fuels.

PARTNERSHIP – We collaborate across City departments and with our community, seeking opportunities to have fun together.

INCLUSION – We place high value on the principles of equality and equity and strive to build an environment where everyone is included, valued, and treated with dignity and respect. 

Our Core Services

As a local government, the City of New Westminster is responsible for a number of core services that ensure our community is safe, healthy, and meets our residents' needs. Our core services include:

  • Planning and development
  • Safety and security
  • Infrastructure and utilities
  • Parks and recreation
  • Cultural and community services
  • Legislative, treasury, and administrative services

View the strategic plan summary report.

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