Hydronic Heating Permit Guide

The purpose of this information is to assist  homeowners, builders and contractors through the Hydronic Heating Permit process and provide information on the City's requirements for permits and inspections.

When is a Hydronic Heating Permit Required?

Hydronic Heating Permits are required when you wish to:

  • Install a new hydronic heating system.
  • Alter or extend an existing hydronic heating systems.

Hydronic Heating Permits are not required for:

  • Minor repairs to leaks in hydronic heating systems.
  • Regular scheduled maintenance.

Hydronic Permit Application and Procedures

Click Here to Apply for a Hydronic Heating Permit. Applications will not be accepted without a copy of the TQ Holder's card and valid Drivers License. 

A valid building permit must be issued in advance of applying for a plumbing permit, unless the work is exclusively plumbing related.

The applicant must:

  • Provide an appliance worksheet, heat loss summary, hydronic radiant floor panel worksheet and boiler room layout diagram (sealed, signed and dated by a Certified Hydronic Heating Designer).
  • Provide evidence of current City of New Westminster Business License (contractor only).
  • Provide evidence of Home Ownership (homeowner only).
  • Provide evidence of Approved Building Permit.

Process of Hydronic Heating Permit Application:

Upon receipt of a hydronic heating permit application, review and processing by the Plumbing Department requires a minimum of 48 hours. This time line may be extended due to:

  • volume of applications
  • complexity of the project
  • accuracy of the application

Issuance of a Hydronic Heating Permit:The hydronic heating permit will be issued following the acceptance of a complete permit application. The applicant will be mailed a copy of the hydronic heating permit.

For more information, please visit the plumbing permits page.