Parking Permits

Resident pERMIT PArking

Permit parking is installed in response to situations where there is a chronic and heavy demand for on-street parking by non-residents.  In order for a request to be approved the regular parking density on the eligible portion of the block must be at least 60% with a minimum 25% of available parking occupied by non-residents (a minimum of 3 vehicles).  It can be installed on residential streets in New Westminster which meet the required criteria.  Permit parking regulations are primarily intended for blocks where at least 50% of the street frontage is comprised of single family or older low rise multifamily homes.  Only the parking in front of these properties would have permit parking regulations installed, and only residents of these properties would be eligible for permits.  Posted regulations would consist of either permit only or time limit permit exempt.  The type and distribution of the regulations would be determined by the City.

Permit parking is not intended to address short-term intermittent parking problems generated by such things as pubs, parks, churches and construction.  It is also not installed in response to parking demand created by nearby high density multifamily properties.  Permit parking allows residents to have priority parking in signed permit parking areas within a one block radius of their street.  It does not guarantee permit holders a parking space in front of their homes. 


  • Request Permit Parking for Your Block

    If you DO NOT have the option of permit parking on your street and would like to apply for your block please submit a Contact Us Request using the following link:

    After the request is received you will be provided with a petition form to determine the level of support for permit parking.  A level of support of at least 2/3 is required from eligible properties in order for the investigation to be completed.  The petition must be completed on the City provided form.

    **If there is permit parking on your street and you wish to purchase a permit, please proceed to instructions below.




    Eligible residents living in a permit parking area may purchase permits to exempt them from posted permit parking regulations within a one block radius of their address. If the area is time regulated (e.g., 2 hours), it must state, “except with permit” to allow permit holders to park over the prescribed time period. Permits do not provide parking exemptions for over-sized, over-weight vehicles or RV's.


    Find out if your address qualifies for a parking permit:  PARKING PERMIT MAP


    Residential Parking Permits

    Residential Parking Permits are vehicle specific. A copy of an active ICBC insurance policy must be provided indicating your current address is within a designated parking permit area. This must also be provided each time your permit is renewed.

    In the case of company vehicles, a letter on company letterhead confirming the vehicle is a company vehicle, the address of the principle driver, as well as the license plate number, make, model, year, and colour of the vehicle is required.

    **In the event a new vehicle is purchased or your license plate changes, please email a copy of your new ICBC vehicle registration documents to or bring them to Engineering, City Hall 511 Royal Avenue.

    Visitor Parking Permits

    A Visitor permit is not vehicle specific. There is only one Visitor permit hanger issued per household in a parking permit zone. This hanger must be displayed in your visitor's vehicle while parked on your street. Proof of residency, which indicates your name and current address (i.e., utility bill, lease agreement, driver's licence) must be shown at time of application and every year at renewal time. 

    Please note: If the visitor permit is lost or stolen before it expires, it will NOT be replaced until the expiry date displayed on the permit unless a police file # is provided.  Lost or stolen permits should be reported immediately.  Any misuse of Visitor permits, such as selling, renting or duplicating, may result in the cancellation of the permit and a $250.00 fine.


    Each household can apply for a maximum of four Residential permits and one Visitor permit 

    2023 Parking Permit Rates include a 10% Climate Action Levy

    Residential Permits

    1st & 2nd: $44.00 each

    3rd & 4th: $110.00 each

    Visitor Permit

    1 per household - $44.00 


    Purchase your permit online



    Residential Parking Permits:

    Approximately 3 hours after submitting your application, your licence plate number will be active in our parking enforcement database, and you may begin parking on your street. 

    Visitor Parking Permits: 

    Within 10 business days, a Visitor permit hanger (or date stickers if a renewal) will be mailed to the residential address you provide. This MUST BE DISPLAYED in order to park on your street.


    City Hall - Engineering Services, 511 Royal Avenue - Mon-Fri 8:30 am-4:30 pm. Call: 604-527-4592

    When applying in person, you will receive your permit at that time

  • Parking Services Office
    M-F: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
    T 604-519-2010