School Travel Planning

Since 2009, the City of New Westminster has endorsed school travel planning and has been committed to building a safe, accessible, and healthy community.

  • Below are maps identifying the best walking routes to school for each of the elementary and middle schools in New Westminster:


  • Be alert! If you are a driver, expect school zones to be busy and allow more time to travel through them. Watch for less safety-conscious drivers around schools!

    Parents, consider alternatives to driving your kids to school:

    - Walk or Bike
    - Carpool or walkpool with friends or neighbours
    - Drop-off further from school
    - Have your older children use transit
    - Get involved

    General driving tips:

    - Don’t turn around in a driveway – it is dangerous for pedestrians and other vehicles.
    - Do not park or stop in disabled parking spaces.
    - Obey posted speed limits (school zone speed limit is 30km/hr).
    - Park thoughtfully, in legal designated spots and fully pulled up to the curb.
    - Make even one less car trip to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.