Queen's Park Heritage Conservation Area

Explore this webpage to learn more about the Heritage Conservation Area, how we got here, what it means for your house and how to receive updates about any changes to the program.

The purpose of the Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area is to retain the existing heritage values of the neighbourhood while, at the same time, managing change. Of greatest importance is that changes respect the existing heritage character of the streetscape, and that major design elements be traditional and appropriate for the neighbourhood.

Houses in the Queen's Park Heritage Conservation Area are categorized as either protected or non-protected. Based on the protection level, owners may be required to apply for a Heritage Alteration Permit for certain renovations, to demolish a house, to build a new house, or to build a laneway or carriage house. If you're looking to make changes to a property in the neighbourhood, visit the Building or Renovating in Queen's Park page for more information.

After the Heritage Conservation Area was adopted, the City committed to continue work to implement the policy; including developing an Incentives Program and conducting the Special Limited Category Study. Visit the Ongoing Work  page for more information on these two processes.

Visit the How the Policy Was Developed page for more information about how the Heritage Conservation Area came into being.


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Guide: Queen's Park Heritage Conservation Area

Map of Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area Properties by Protection Category

Table of Addresses in the Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area: Properties by Protection Category

Heritage Conservation Area Design Guidelines:

Guide: Heritage Protection Levels in New Westminster

One-on-One Meetings

Incentives Program

Single Detached Dwelling District (Queen's Park) (RS-4) Zone

Queen's Park Heritage Conservation Area Policy  (Schedule A of the OCP)

Evaluation Checklist for demolitions or protection removal

Application Fees