City Trees

A city-owned protected tree or shrub is any tree or shrub on city property including parks, boulevards, right-of-ways, easements or city-owned and occupied land. Make note of where your property boundaries are along the boulevards.

City-owned trees are on a service rotation schedule. They are maintained by certified and trained tree care professionals. Please do not prune, top or alter your boulevard trees in any way. If you have concerns regarding your boulevard tree please contact the parks office 604-527-4567 or email  to request tree service.

It is very important that you do not alter your boulevards. This includes planting annuals or perennial garden beds around your boulevard trees. Planting in an established tree's critical root zone can be damaging to trees causing them to become stressed and/or decline. If you would like to help care for a newly planted street tree for the summer months, please visit the Adopt-A-Street-Tree program webpage.

  • 604-636-4318

    Boulevard Tree Maintenance Requests