Access & Inclusion


    Canada Games Pool

    - Aquatic wheelchair
    - Wheelchair lift for pool access
    - Accessible family change rooms
    - No wheelchair access to Mezzanine Fitness area

    Centennial Community Centre

    - Accessible main floor
    - no wheelchair access to lower floor

    Century House - fully accessible
    Financial Assistance - Financial & Accessibility Assistance Programs
    Moody Park Arena - fully accessible

    Queensborough Community

    - fully accessible including an elevator to the fitness centre
    PCR Administration - no wheelchair accessibility
    Queen's Park Arena - fully accessible
    - wheelchair lifts in seating area
    Queen's Park Arenex - fully accessible
    Youth Centre - fully accessible
    Friendship Gardens - partly accessible with hard-packed trails
    Glenbrook Ravine - asphalt access to pond & garden
    - partly accessible with hard-packed trail to ravine
    Grimston Park  - perimeter accessibility with hard-packed trail to playground and wadding pool
    Hume Park - Upper Hume is accessible
    - Lower Hume has limited accessibility 
    Mercer Stadium - accessibility to the track but not bleachers
    Moody Park - accessible
    Queen's Park - accessible trails, picnic tables, playground & off-leash dog area
    Port Royal Park - accessible
    Sapperton Landing - partly accessible with hard-packed trails
    - no accessible washroom available
    Sapperton Park

    - perimeter accessibility

    Terry Hughes Park - accessible
    Waterfront Esplanade - accessible
    Westminster Pier Park - accessible

    All Recreation Centres offer handicap parking, accessible doors and washrooms.

    Park accessibility means corresponding trails, parking and washrooms can accommodate wheelchairs.

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    Accomplishments & Awareness


  • Parks and Recreation partners with Fraserside Community Services (519 Seventh Street, 2nd Floor, 604.522.3722 extension 120) in the delivery of our Financial Assistance Program that provides low income New Westminster residents with a 50% discount on most programs and services offered in our Active Living Guide.

    Simply visit or call Fraserside to determine your eligibility. Office hours (subject to change) are: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm & 1:00 - 4:00 pm.

    Financial Assistance Program Brochure

    Access Program

    The Parks and Recreation Administration Office offers two admission based discounts (i.e.  a reduced single user drop-in fee of $3.00 {subject to increases}).

    The Access Pass is available to New Westminster residents, 19 - 64 years, receiving a disability pension.

    The Access Tickets is available to New Westminster residents with mental health needs.

  • Participation Support Services

    Parks and Recreation, in some situations, can offer a customer(s) requiring participation support, with a Participant Assistant. Participant Assistants are staff, volunteers or community partner staff dedicated to helping customers participate in our services.

    Our ability to accommodate Participant Assistant support depends upon the support needed, available resources, staffing skill levels and availability of adaptable equipment. Please note, some Participant Assistant services are through community partners or grants, resulting in eligibility requirements.

    To inquire about Participant Assistants and our inclusive services, please to speak one of our Recreation Program Supervisors:  

    Julie Duncan Moody Park Arena 604.525.5301
    Lisa Coleman Canada Games Pool 604.526.4281
    Matt Matic Queensborough Community Centre 604.525.7388
    Ramona Manzer Centennial Community Centre 604.777.5100
    Val Johnson Queen's Park Arenex 604.777.5121
    Ryan Weber Youth Services 604.515.3775

    Access & Inclusion Services Form

    Support Pass

    The Support Pass is for customers who are unable to participate in our services independently, but if the customer is accompanied by their own support person, they can safely enjoy our services. It is expected the support person will be with the customer throughout their service visit and be fully engaged in supporting the customer.

    As eligible, the customer will pay the associated service fee and the support person will be admitted for free. Please contact the Facility Manager, at the desired service location, for additional details.