Street Occupancy Permit

What is a Street Occupancy Permit?

This permit allows a homeowner, contractor, or developer to occupy City property within a street right of way for a period of time.  This includes City boulevards, streets, lanes, sidewalks, etc.

How do I get a Street Occupancy Permit?

A Street Occupancy Permit (SOP) is obtained from the Engineering Department at City Hall, and should be applied for at least 5 business das prior to the date it is required. Where traffic and/or sidewalks are impacted by the occupancy of a City street right of way, a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is required and should be submitted with the application. The SOP will not be issued until the TMP has been approved.

How much does it cost?

Fees and rates are as follows*:

$15.00+GST/meterhead/day (if meters need to be hooded)

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles and attached recreational trailers are only permitted on city streets for no longer than 48 hours without obtaining a $5/day Street Occupancy Permit. Permits will be issued for no more than 7 consecutive days to a maximum of 28 days a year with a minimum 5-day gap between permit renewals.

Street Festivals or Parades

A Street Occupancy Permit is required to hold a street festival or parade within the City of New Westminster.  Parades must be approved by the New Westminster Police Department before a permit will be issued.

Fees and rates are as follows*:

The cost for a permit to hold a street festival or parade is $125.00+GST.

*Fees are subject to change without notification.