Development Permit Areas

The City uses Development Permit Areas, and related guidelines, as a tool to shape the form and character of new development, protect development from hazardous conditions, and encourage best practices for promoting water and energy conservation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The guidelines ensure that all new development helps to implement the land use policies in this Official Community Plan, Queensborough Community Plan and Downtown Community Plan.

Development Permit Areas (DPAs) are established within each of the Community Plans. Applicants must apply for a Development Permit for a property within a DPA prior to doing any work which would result in the development or alteration to the lands or exterior of buildings on the lands. Click here to learn more about applying for a Development Permit.

Click here to view a consolidated map of the City’s DPAs and to determine which DPA a property falls within.

Links to each of the Development Permit Areas are included in the sections below. A property’s land use designation and Development Permit Area can also be found by using CityViews, the City’s online interactive map.

In addition to the Development Permit Areas, the City has also created other design guidelines and policy documents that may be relevant to a project. Click here to learn more about these other documents.