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Season  Registration

Fall 2024

Active Living Guide, August 1. Registration opens 10:00 am:
August 8 for New Westminster residents
August 9 for everyone

Summer Camps 2024 Open
Summer 2024 Open

Please note: Our registration link has changed. If you access our system from the old link you will not see available options. Please use the link above. 

Registration is also available in person, or by phone at any facility. 

  • Create an Account

    Accounts are needed to register online, by phone, and in person.

    Accounts are needed to register online, by phone, and in person. 

    Create or Login to Your Account Now

    To create an account you will need: 

    • Name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and date of birth
    • Health and/or allergy information that we should be aware of at our facilities
    • Personal information for family members you want added to your account
  • Preparation for registration can take some planning. Here are our top tips to reduce stress and make your registration a success!
    • View the Active Living Guide and make a list of the course codes for your preferred programs (both primary and back-up) so you can find them quickly using the search function. Consider times that might not have as high demand (e.g. Saturday mornings are very competitive).
    • Ensure any age prerequisites have been met.
    • Check participants Activity Outcomes meet the requirements for their level.
    • Ensure all members of your household are on your family account well in advance of the program registration start date. Check that dates of birth, address, phone, and payment info is accurate and up to date. Call or visit a facility if you need assistance.
    • If registering online, plan to use a laptop or desktop computer with high speed internet access.
    • Have your payment option ready. 
    • Sign up for waitlists. Waitlists help staff determine what classes have high demand. Often we are able to create additional classes to fulfill the needs of waitlists. Don’t skip them!
    • Team up! If you have many courses to register for, ask a friend to help you register and divide your list. 


  •  Before Login
    • Both Registered Programs and Drop-in Activities take you to a landing pages where you can select the activity categories or filter options to narrow your search by activity, dates, ages, times, or locations; or you can use the course ID or course name in the search field.
    • When you find the service you wish to purchase, select Book on the listing page, and Book again on the course page, Login, or create an account as applicable, and complete the steps to make your purchase.
    After Login
    • After login, click on “Schedule” to access Registered Programs and Drop-in Activities
      • Browse activities by activity category or filter options to narrow your search by activity, age, day, date, and locations
      • Search using course ID or course titles in the search field
    • When you find the service you wish to purchase select Book on the listing page, and Book again on the course page, and then complete the sales steps.
  • Having a payment source ready before registration day will increase the speed of your transaction. There are several payment options:
    1. Credit Cards can be saved to our encrypted and secure system for easy and fast transactions.
    2. Cash or Interac can be used in-person at any recreation facility.
    3. Credit can be applied to an account using cash or Interac in-person at any recreation facility.
    4. Prepaid credit cards can be used online or over the phone.
  • Lessons in gymnastics, trampoline, swimming, and skating require activity outcome results (i.e. pass/fail grades) prior to registration in the next level. Check your grades online under “Activity Outcomes” in your online client record at If your last lesson set was prior to 2021, you may need to check in “Logs” for your grade. For more information or assistance call the lesson facility.

    GYMNASTICS & TRAMPOLINE - Participants may register for multiple lessons at the same level per session. Participants can only advance to the next level if the prerequisites are met and entered into their Activity Outcomes. If you are currently enrolled in a lesson set, Activity Outcomes will be posted after your eighth lesson, or one week before the next lesson registration date. Activity Outcomes for Summer Season lessons will be posted on the last day of each lesson set.

    SKATING & SWIMMING - Participants may only register for one lesson set at a time to ensure level prerequisites are met. If you are currently enrolled in a lesson set, your Activity Outcomes will be posted after the second to last day of your lesson set.

  • Google Chrome is the recommended browser (avoid Internet Explorer).

    Use of some mobile Apple devices may result in the application ‘hanging’. A solution is to clear the mobile device browser cache and cookies or use a non-mobile device

  • Online Access
    • Register online from any device at any time of the day or night
    • Create a profile for each family member to streamline future registration processes
    • View the availability of a class and immediately book online
    • Quickly search for programs and activities by keyword, age, day, time or location


    Account Management 

    • View all your family member accounts under one area simplifying your registration and tracking process
    • Quickly track your and your family's activity history
    • Export your schedule and add it to your digital calendar (iCal, Google etc.)


    Payment Benefits

    • Make easy and secure payments online using your credit card or by an electronic fund transfer (EFT)
    • View and track your payment history
    • Print out receipts and tax information at your convenience
    • Renew memberships online
    • Complete multiple transactions at once making registration and payment process more convenient
    • Purchase gift cards in different denominations that can be used for any program or activity