Building in Queensborough

The Queensborough area has unusual soil conditions which make it difficult to build on. The soil conditions and high water table dictate special permit requirements, including drainage plans, site drainage plans, fill requirements, pile foundations, geotechnical reports, and details dealing with soil gases (methane gas) etc. 

No fill placement, excavation, shoring, erection, alteration, enlargement, repair, removal, move or demolition of any building or structure, part thereof, shall be commenced or undertaken without a permit being first obtained from the City.

Guidelines for Single Detached Dwellings and Duplex application requirements are available here:

At any time during the course of the process please feel free to call staff for assistance or clarification.

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Flood Hazard Development Permit

The adoption of the Queensborough Community Plan (2014) created Flood Hazard Development Permit Area in Queensborough. The purpose of this development permit area is to implement the Flood Construction Level uniformly across the neighbourhood. The majority of new development in Queensborough, including single detached dwellings, will be required to apply for a Development Permit. This means the construction of buildings that were previously exempt from the Flood Construction Level requirements (e.g. single detached dwellings on a non-subdivided lot) will now have to comply.

In cases where there was already a requirement to build to the flood construction level, the change in process was minor. A Flood Hazard Development Permit will replace the Flood Covenant.

All applications in Queensborough that trigger the requirements of the Flood Hazard Development Area will be required to apply for a Development Permit at the same time they apply for a Building Permit.

Click here to view an excerpt from the Queensborough Community Plan.

Required Flood Construction Level