Environmental Initiatives

  • The City of New Westminster's Horticulture Team works with the Mason Bee Company to place mason bee hotels with cocoons in various city parks and public locations.  Recognizing the declining bee population, this program will support these important pollinators that enhance our food supply with productive gardens and overall environment. 


    • Are solitary bees that work independently
    • Have no queen and make no honey
    • Are used for spring pollination for fruits and flowers
    • Are fast, nonaggressive and will not swarm
    • Fly only 300' from their nesting hotel
    • Are hard workers and so much fun to watch!

    The wooden condos are easy to maintain from mites and predators.  They are installed in the Spring for approximately 10-12 weeks, as the life cycle of the mason bee concludes. They are located at:

    • City Hall
    • Friendship Gardens
    • Glenbrook Ravine
    • Moody Park
    • Ryall Park
    • Queen's Park
    • Queensborough River Walk

    Learn more about mason bees and The Mason Bee Company