Sign Permits

Effective from January 01, 2024, Sign Permit applications will be accepted through our E-Apply platform. This transition will bring a host of new features, improved functionality, and enhanced security measures to ensure a seamless and efficient experience for all users.

If you are considering putting up new signage, or changing the existing signage for your business you will need to obtain a sign permit.

Guide: Sign Permits

The Sign Bylaw

The Sign Bylaw 7867, 2017 regulates the installation, alteration, maintenance and removal of signs, advertisements, sign boards and structures within the City of New Westminster. Each zoning district has requirements for the types and size of signs allowed.

Click to view Sign Bylaw 7867, 2017

Processing Applications for Sign Permits

  1. The applicant applies for a Sign Permit with the Building Division. Click Here to Apply Online. An application may be made by the contractor, sign manufacturer, owner or tenant, or any other authorized agent.  

  2. The applicant pays the required fee and submits two complete sets of plans to support the application.

  3. The plans are reviewed by the Planning Division for Sign Bylaw compliance.

  4. The plans are reviewed by the Building Division for Building Code compliance. The applicant may be required to submit sign plans sealed or stamped by a Structural Engineer.

  5. The applicant applies for a Street Occupancy Permit if access to a City street or sidewalk is needed for installation of the sign.

  6. When all requirements have been met and approvals received the permit is issued and the applicant may commence work.

  7. When the sign installation is completed, a letter from the engineer or associated firm must be deposited with the Building Division stating that the sign has been installed and inspected under the engineer’s supervision, and the work is in accordance with the submitted plans.

  8. The Building Division does the final inspection.

  • Do I require a sign permit to put up a sign to advertise my business?

    Yes. The Sign Bylaw requires that a person shall obtain a sign permit from the City if they are proposing to construct, erect, alter, rebuild, reconstruct, move, demolish or remove a sign.

    There’s a sign already in place in the location I’m moving into. I will only be changing the face of the sign to the name of my business. Do I need a sign permit?

    Maybe. Sign Permits are not required for face changes on signs that were previously installed with permits. If the existing sign structure was installed without permits, then a new Sign Permit is required for any face changes. To find out if the sign on your building has a previous Sign Permit, please contact the Planning Division.

    The business across the street from me has a projecting sign but according to the Sign Bylaw I can’t have one. This doesn’t seem fair.

    Most likely that sign across the street was put up several years ago when the bylaw did allow that type of sign. It is now considered “legally non-conforming” to the bylaw today. If that sign were to come off the wall in a storm or be damaged in some way that necessitated its removal, a replacement sign would not be allowed, as any new signage must conform with the bylaw of today.

    What if I don’t get a sign permit for my new or changed sign?

    You could receive a Municipal Ticket from the City that will carry a fine of $250. Should you elect to pay the fine as a cost of doing business and still not get a permit you will be repeatedly ticketed until you do obtain a sign permit.

    I would like to make the sign permit application myself rather than hiring a sign company to do it. Is this allowed?

    It is preferable that a professional sign company make the application, as the company will have the expertise to properly install a sign. Professional sign companies also have insurance that covers liability in the event that one of their signs falls off a building and injures a pedestrian. If a business owner wishes to make an application himself he should be prepared to submit complete application.

  • Anyone interested in installing a mural should contact .

    For murals proposed on buildings older than 50 years, please also contact to confirm the building is not listed on the City’s Heritage Register, and not protected by a heritage designation bylaw or heritage revitalization agreement.

    Murals that contain advertising (more than 10 percent of the copy area) may also require a sign permit.

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    Building Division